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Guests: David Scranton and Dee Carter

Description: Jordan Goodman, host of The Money Answers Show, interviews 'defensive' financial strategist David Scranton in the first half of the show and safe money solution expert Dee Carter in the second half. Goodman and Scranton discuss options income investors have to choose from today to produce a solid cash flow in a low yielding world where the Federal Reserve continues to raise short term interest rates. David will explain the pros and cons of government, high quality and high yield bonds and bond funds and bond ETFs. He will also discuss preferred stocks, convertibles, master limited partnerships and utilities.  Carter and Goodman review Carter's directives for building wealth and avoiding unnecessary risk.

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Guest: John Rubino

Description: What happens when every major society takes on too much debt? Is there a way forward other than economic depression or hyper inflation?

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Guest: Randy Kurtz

Episode Description: Why do investors consistently focus on returns rather than looking at investments from a risk perspective?

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«Thank you so much for giving a fantastic presentation at our NEA (National Education Association) MB Professionals’ Workshop meeting. Our attendees were very receptive to your session entitled, How To Get Your Financial Act Together.»
- Kimberly S. Adams, NEA (National Education Association) Member Benefits
«On behalf of the Take Charge America Institute, the University of Arizona Students in Free Enterprise and their Credit Wise Cats team, I would like to extend my appreciation for your wonderful keynote address last week. »
- Marica Klipsch, Education Coordinator/University of Arizona