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Testimonials from Groups Jordan has spoken to

Thanks again for all of your awesome contributions!

I hope this email finds you well. Overall, great reviews! Here are some statistics we received from the attendees: 93.38% agreed that you presented in a clear, organized, engaging manner. 94.84% agreed that the information you presented was valuable to them as business owners. 83.01% agreed that they would travel to attend a 1 or 2 day course presented by you. 83.77% agreed that they would like to see your topics brought to their local study club. 87.25% agreed that they would like to see your topics offered at a future Symposia. Thanks again for all of your awesome contributions!

- Shaida Ghomi, Seattle Study Club For Dentists

Thank you so much for coming out last week to Las Vegas and speaking to our participants. I heard so many great things from people that attended your course about how useful the information was.

- Sheryl Dare, Meeting Planner for Genentech Corporation

Thank you for taking the time from your schedule to participate as the keynote speaker at the Power Your Business Diversity event on at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, CA. I appreciate your efforts to present meaningful content to make a successful event. Your professionalism, delivery and ability to engage with the attendees were exceptional. I know there were many attendees in the room including me who left with new ideas and insights. Additionally, I hope you enjoyed the speech offered by Amgen executives, Rachel Bellamy, Rocky Chavez, Linda Larsen, moderators and all panelists. I think there will also be a very nice article in Amgen Weekly News and in Diversity Plus Magazine, too. In my opinion, the event was clearly a success. We heard so many attendees telling us they have attended many conferences and this was one of the best they have ever attended. Thanks again for your participation in this important event. It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to working with you in the similar events in the future.

- Wendy Mathea, Supplier Diversity Officer/Amgen

On behalf of the Take Charge America Institute, the University of Arizona Students in Free Enterprise and their Credit Wise Cats team, I would like to extend my appreciation for your wonderful keynote address last week. Our three-day symposium, “Money Talks, Think you Know? Think Again!” was a great success, largely due to the relevance of your opening statements. Your “Twelve Commandments” spoke to the financial issues facing college students today and I know that your thoughtful advice will positively influence these students in the future. Our students also appreciated your seminar the next day and enjoyed being able to have some one-on-one conversations with you. Your depth and breadth of information is truly astounding and all of us were glad to be able to have our questions answered in such a knowledgeable way. It is important for our group to receive recognition for our work. Your advance PR allowed us to get some good press, including your live interview on our ABC affiliate KGUN 9. As an aside, I’m also sure that you passed on some helpful information to Destry Jeton of Good Morning Tuscon during her “off camera” moments. Once again, thank you so much for your keynote speech, your seminar and leadership and for the publicity you generated. You truly made our first ever, campus wide financial symposium a huge success.

- Marica Klipsch, Education Coordinator/University of Arizona

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for participating in PENSCO’s Symposium on Self-Directed IRA’s, held in New York City in March. Your presentation certainly contributed to the overall success of the event. I sat in on your presentation, “Earning Fast Profits in Hard Times”, and found your presentation to be insightful, educational and thought-provoking and the topic was certainly timely. My opinion of your presentation was confirmed by feedback I received from event attendees. It was a pleasure to have you at our event and it is without reservation that I would recommend your presentation skills to anyone interested in having you speak. I look forward to working with you again.

- Michael P. Scott, VP/Director of Business Development Pensco Trust Company

Where do I begin? You were excellent at the OSC Power Meeting XXIV recently held in St. Pete Beach, Florida. The speaker evaluations proved that you were a huge hit with our members. QSC members are much better off, both personally and professionally, for having attended your program. I might add that we have never had as many requests for the recording of a presentation as we have with yours. Don’t ever hesitate to have any prospective clients contact me as a reference. Thank you again for such a positive experience.

- Charles E. Wallace, III, Executive Director/Quality Service Contractors

On behalf of the Water Systems Council I would like to thank you for speaking at our Spring Meeting in Washington, DC on March 3rd. Your presentation was very well received by our members. The information in your presentation and additional reference materials you provided were both fascinating and timely. We hope you enjoyed meeting our members. Thank you again for taking the time to speak at our meeting.

- Kathleen M. Stanley, Executive Director/Water Systems Council

The crowd was small, but the quality of your presentation was superb, addressing precisely the areas which I had hoped you would cover. It obviously had a high-interest impact upon the participants. And – it is the kind of expert contribution which makes for a successful meeting. Thank you immensely! And – thank you again for joining us at the Club!

- Lewis O. Kerwood, National Society for Real Estate Finance

On behalf of all of us at Organon, I want to thank you for participating in the Experts in Reproductive Medicine Meeting. Your financial planning sessions were so informative. We received wonderful feedback and a great interest in learning more about business finance as well. I know that there were quite a few physicians you were able to spend time with throughout the weekend. Many of them conveyed their appreciation for all of the help and advice you extended them. We are so appreciative and cannot thank you enough for such a great job!

- Cathy R. Termini, R.PH Organon Inc.

There is always an exception to every rule and your recent seminar to our JWT employees provided that. Generally, I believe you get what you pay for and since we didn’t pay you anything for your recent talk one might not expect the reaction we got. Instead, I have been besieged with compliments about arranging for you to speak. Our employees felt more informed and financially empowered as a result of your discussion with them. I enjoyed meeting you and will be pleased to know the face behind the column that I read in every issue of Money Magazine.

- Jeff White, Executive VP/General Manager/J. Walter Thompson

This is to let you know how much you were appreciated by our staff. Your presentation was very well received. It achieved its desired effect. The 401K added 10 new participants who had been previously eligible. Another 23 participants increased their deferral percentages. As you may remember, our participants are very aggressive in their asset allocation within the five options the plan offers. Overall, they reflect your upside-down pyramid model. That in itself provided additional support for their choices. A number of employees stopped by to thank us for sponsoring the program. In fact, our CEO, Howard Liszt, had received several notes of thanking him for supporting the decision to offer your program. The very best to you in your new venture. From all of us at CME, thank you again for an entertaining, informative and money-making session.

- Robert M. Seper Director, Human Resources Campbell Mithun Esty

I just want to thank you one more time for the two seminars you gave to the employees of Lowe & Partners/SMS. I think we reached almost 100 employees (out of 350) which is absolutely astonishing for this group, and indicates the need for this kind of education. Your presentation was excellent and covered so much territory, with just the right touch of humor to catch the attention of a group that is usually overwhelmed by anything to do with their own financial situation. Your information was presented in a succinct and accessible manner – you really “reached” your audience. The employees are still telling me how much they enjoyed the presentation, how helpful it was and all the changes they are making thanks to your input. They have told all the people who missed the seminar and they, in turn, are asking when you will come back. Those who saw the presentation were particularly impressed that Interpublic arranged this for them and asked if we could do much such seminars in the future. It’s wonderful to have the investment opportunities that Interpublic gives us, but without the education to properly understand and take advantage of these opportunities, most employees are at a loss. My humble efforts during orientation are not half as impressive as a nationally famous journalist, author and speaker! Again, thank you for your excellent presentation and I look forward to having you back.

- Ann Robins, Lowe & Partners/SMS

Wow, it is hard to believe that a month has passed since your visited Louis London. I want to thank you for the wonderful seminars you presented to our employees. I have attached a sample of comments we received from our employees after attending your session. It is very difficult to get creatives to agree on anything, but it is obvious from these comments, they agree that you were great! Our employees were also impressed that our parent company, IPG, would arrange for you to visit us in St. Louis. The timing could not have been better since we are just enrolling in their various benefit plans this month. Your presentation of the IPG benefits, specifically the 401K plan and IPG stock purchase plan, was quite clear and seemed to click with our group. The areas of personal finance was especially interesting and pertinent to our staff which is primarily in the 25 -40 age group. Credit cards, mortgages and buying cars are all every day things we have to deal with. The techniques you demonstrated to create money to invest was eye opening and taken to heart by our employees. I look forward to the opportunity to have you return to Louis London for a follow-up presentation. Thanks again.

- Jerel L. Best, CFO/Louis London

Thank you so much for your participation in Financial Women International’s 82nd Annual Conference. I am overwhelmed by the professional dynamic delivery of your address, “How To Improve Communication With Your Clients To Boost Your Business”. We asked our conference attendees to complete surveys for our programs. Of the 225 participants at your breakout session, 119 respondents completed the survey, recapped as follows: 66% of the respondents rated your performance at the highest levels 76% of the respondents rated your content as the most favorable 73% found you program most useful 76% found your program overall most effective Some of the additional comments mentioned were: “Jordan was very informative; he just spoke a little too fast.” “Jordan offered a ton of information – he really knows the industry.” Excellent content, I am sorry that it could not be more high level.” Please allow this letter to serve as a resounding affirmation of your program, and share it with others who request references of your work. Thank you again for sharing your talent with our organization.

- Melissa Curzon, Foundation Vice Chair Conference Manager

Mr. Jordan Goodman facilitated the ACS Member Insurance program sponsored financial planning seminar at the American Chemical Society’s 223rd National Meeting in Orlando, FL. This program titled “Get Your Financial Act Together” was very successful and we were very pleased with Mr. Goodman’s performance. He is a very engaging speaker and does a very good job with making his seminars interactive. The audience was very receptive to his approach and was sincerely interested in the insight he had to offer regarding all aspects of financial planning. Additionally, Mr. Goodman was a delight to work with. The “Get Your Financial Act Together” was our first sponsored financial planning seminar and working with Mr. Goodman throughout the process made the planning and preparation for this event almost effortless. Overall we were very pleased with Mr. Jordan Goodman’s assistance and facilitation of our first financial planning seminar. We would strongly recommend to any organization hosting an event as this and will definitely consider him in the future.

- Ena Castro, Director/ACS Member Insurance Program

A belated note of thanks for your involvement in our recent KNUS Radio “Financial Expo”. You were a great asset to our event! The audience was really receptive to the content that you delivered. And the resources you provided were exceptional. Plus, the assistance you gave our station made it feel like a true collaboration. Since this was our first try at this type of venture, your help was valued. I’m looking forward to our next opportunity to work together. Thanks again!

- Brian Taylor, VP/General Manager - Salem Media of Colorado

Thank you for speaking at our Winter Retreat on December 12th. Your presentation on personal finance was very well received by our members. The information in your speech and the additional reference material you provided were fascinating, accurate and timely – we personally spoke to several people who said they couldn’t wait to share the information with their friends and loved ones over the holidays. We truly appreciated your diligence before the event in interviewing several members of our staff in order to gather the information that you needed to customize the event for Mattress Firm. We had nothing but fantastic, rave reviews from each of our attendees, with several of them commenting that you were their favorite speaker that they ever seen at any of our events! Our only regret is that we didn’t have more time to spend with you! We hope that you enjoyed meeting the members of our team and that you will return to speak to us again in the future. And if you ever need a recommendation, please consider this our recommendation of the highest nature! Thank you again for taking the time to speak at our retreat.

- Ken Murphy, Director Training and Director Training and Recruiting - Cory Ludens/Management Development Coordinator - Mattress Firm

This is my "official" thank you for your presentation at our conference. Our agents were definitely impressed - and so was I - with how much practical information you crammed into the 45 minutes! We had many comments from the people attending that your presentation was the highlight of the conference. Both of my supervisors- the Dean of Extension, and the Associate Dean for Family & Consumer Sciences- complimented my choice of speaker.

- Dena Wise, PhD, The Unversity of Tennessee

This morning your presentation to the students was extremely informative and your delivery was so well directed to their comprehension level. Comments today indicate how well-received "Getting Your Financial Act Together" was by our students...as well as our faculty. The evening program was equally successful. You audience of 200 was primarily business leaders from greater St. Louis community and their reaction was exceptionally positive. You have a unique ability to deliver very substantive information in a most understandable fashion with a healthy mix of humor. Many faculty members continuously strive for this result!

- Susan Scribner, Ed. D, McKendree College

Thank you for presenting to our restaurant General Managers at our recent conference in Orlando. We are always looking for talented presenters with relevant information to improve the quality of life for our conference attendees. Your workshop was the highest-rated out of all the presentation offered at our conference. Your clearly hit a “home run” by helping our managers understand what they can do to improve their financial wealth and make good use of their resources. The following if just a few of the many comments from attendees: “These are great pointers. Jordan brought up suggestions and ides I have not thought about”. “I learned many things. Jordan is an energetic speaker” and Jordan’s presentation was a big eye opener. Well done!” Thank you for helping to make our conference a success!

- Carin Stutz, Executive Vice President, Operations, Applebee’s

Just a quick note to again thank you for a most interesting and informative presentation this morning. We appreciate your taking time out of your busy schedule to share your expertise with us. Your suggestions on mortgages, mutual funds, credit cards, 401K’s and stocks were presented in such an easy-to-understand manner. Many thanks for such a splendid and meaningful session. All of our folks thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.

- Rob Luckie, III Tuker, Wayne/Luckie&Company

Thank you for taking time to host the Personal Financial Seminar on Thursday at our office. Everyone in attendance went away with information that will enable them to provide better financial security for their future. Your message must have hit home for some, because we had employees who visited the Benefits computer that very afternoon to enroll in or change their 401K. The next time you plan to visit the Los Angeles area, let us know. We may have other employees who would be interested in attending your seminar.

- Diane Saign, Director of Office Management, Team One Advertising

Toyota wishes to thank you for your educational and inspiring presentation at our Investor Fair. Your presentation was extremely well received by all who attended and has motivated our employees to get their financial acts together. Here’s a sampling of the comments we received after your presentation: “Just a note to let you know how enthusiastic the Customer Assistance Center (CAC) employees were after attending Jordan Goodman’s financial workshop. As you know the employees in the CAC are relatively young and new to the work force so the material presented was of special interest. Everyone I talked to enjoyed the presentation and learned something. They’re really turned-on. Jordan Goodman really opened their eyes to the importance of saving now for their future retirement years.” “Thank you for the Investor Fair. I found Jordan Goodman’s presentation to be of most interest and benefit.” “First of all, I want to say thank you for the “valuable” seminars offered this week. I though Jordan Goodman’s presentation was the best.” “This guy (Jordan Goodman) was great!” We’re looking forward to your “encore” presentation on September 11th. I’ll be calling you in a few days to discuss this presentation with you. Again, thank you very much for an outstanding presentation and support of our 401(k) Savings Plan communications program.

- Mark Smith, Benefits Manger,Toyota Motor Sales USA

Thanks again for your great presentation at our Elite Retreat in Colorado Springs. It was loaded with good advice for our people, presented in an entertaining manner and briskly paced. Although I can’t understand everything you do, I can attest to the fact that you do it (as I said in my introduction) superbly! Keep up the great work!

- Joseph P. Klock, Coldwell Banker University

On behalf of all of the Chicagoland employees of Newspaper Services of America a big thank you for the Jordan Goodman financial seminar. It was a tremendous success. All but 7 of our Chicago employees attended the informative seminar. Jordan was well received and a sampling of the evaluations taken from our employees follows: “Outstanding and very informative” “Spoke in “laymen’s terms” “For once, a financial seminar that I could understand and apply immediately” “Great information on the Roth IRA, perfect timing, car buying vs. leasing gave great insight” “Excellent seminar – information well-presented and overall motivating” “Too short” “Would like to have an advance seminar – excellent seminar and exciting presentation” Employees actually went out and bought Jordan’s book of which he autographed for them. Our Atlanta office employees have heard how great the seminar is and are anxiously awaiting his arrival hopefully in the near future. Thank you for providing this excellent benefit to all of your companies and their employees.

- Wilma Lyding, Director of Human Resources, Newspaper Services of America

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