Want to Increase Medicare Options And Decrease Out-Of-Pocket Medicare Expenses? Medicare Supplemental Insurance May Be the Answer!

Did you know that you’ll generally pay 20% out-of-pocket for all Medicare-covered expenses? There are gaps in Medicare Part A and Part B that leave you responsible for paying co-pays, co-insurances and deductibles. Those costs can add up quickly!


What can you do to control your out-of-pocket costs and protect your hard earned savings? A Medicare supplemental insurance plan may be the right choice to help gain control over spiraling health care costs. With a Medicare supplemental insurance plan, you pay a monthly premium for a policy that helps keep your out-of-pocket costs low.


Different supplemental plans are known by letters - and every Medicare Supplemental Plan F, for example, will offer the exact same benefits as other plan Fs - but the cost for that coverage can vary widely.


Which Medicare supplemental insurance plan is right for you? The licensed agents at Longevity Alliance, a national insurance brokerage, can you help identify the right coverage at the right price. Let Longevity Alliance help you make sense of Medicare supplemental insurance policies and options and find the right solution to your health care needs.


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