Refinancing Your Student Loans

You may not realize that you can refinance your outstanding federal and private student loans into a new loan at a much lower rate than you are paying now. To find out what terms are available, contact Credible at 855-870-6005 or go to In 90 seconds, you can receive personalized quotes for interest rates from up to 7 vetted lenders without affecting your credit score or sharing any personal information with lenders. Once you have found a deal that appeals to you, you proceed with the loan application and give your personal information to apply for the loan. If you identify that you found out about Credible from, you can save $200 off your first loan payment. By consolidating many federal and private loans at higher interest rates into one new loan at a lower rate, you can make your life easier and pay your student loans off much faster and save thousands of dollars in needless interest expense.

Jordan Interviews Jereme Albin of Credible

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