Fixing Student Loan Overcharges

You should be concerned about the accuracy of your bank’s calculations for your student loan payments. A student loan audit will determine if you are being overcharged and if you are, help you get a receive a refund.   The audit will verify the accuracy of your lender’s calculation of interest charges, monthly payments and loan balances. Reports find that overcharges of interest and payment calculations occur in up to 40% of student loans.  The Student Loan Exact™ audit verifies the accuracy of lender calculations and will uncover any overcharges or other miscalculations for all types of student loans. Student loans can be especially complicated due to numerous factors such as missed payments, late payments, deferment or forbearance or other criteria which can result in miscalculations.  You will receive a personalized, comprehensive audit report which tell you if there are any mistakes or overcharges by the lender. 

Jordan Interviews David Ginsburg of Verify My Student Loan

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