Don’t Let Long Term Health Care Costs Deplete Your Assets and Leave You Stranded Without Needed Care!

Thanks to medical and healthcare advances, we’re living longer lives than ever before. It’s great to be healthy - but what happens when you DO need help with everyday tasks or supported care? Who will provide assistance and how will you pay? Most Americans are unaware that Medicare does NOT cover the costs of in-home or out-of-home long term care until virtually zero assets are left. Yet the vast majority of Americans will require some form of long term care, sooner or later.


The time to buy is before you get sick and need assistance. Like life insurance, rates are based on health and age so delaying the decision to invest in a long term care policy simply increases the cost and the likelihood that you’ll have a health condition that disqualifies you for coverage. Having long term care in place means that you are much more likely to be able leave hard earned assets to your family and much less likely to suffer from inadequate care when you need it the most.


Would you like professional counseling on when the best time for YOU to invest in a long term care policy? Are you ready to check out your options and begin preparing for safe and well cared for senior years? Call the advisors at Longevity Alliance, a national insurance brokerage specializing in long term care for no cost and no obligation advice.



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