Jordan on Real Estate Nerds with Scott Smith

Jordan joins Host Scott Smith to talk about crowd funding for real estate investments as well as some of Jordan's favorite free mortgage tools.

Jordan on The Financial Survival Network with Kerry Lutz

Jordan joins Host Kerry Lutz to talk about why the Millenials are the greatest generation, the current economic expansion and an update on the trade war with China.



Jordan on Cash Flow Diary with J. Massey

Jordan talks with Host J. Massey about getting strong returns by investing in real estate funds, refinacing student loan debt, and paying off your mortgage quickly through Mortgage Equity Optimization.

Jordan on The Real Estate Investors Summit Podcast

Jordan Goodman talks with Host Mitch Stephen about different ways to save money on your home. Goodman and Stephen discuss paying off your home loan in 5-7 years, lowering your car loan payment, making sure your bank is handling your mortgage and escrow payments correctly, and more.

Jordan on Investing in the U.S. with Reed Goossens

Jordan talks with Host Reed Goossens about the 6 different personality types for how we manage money and why understanding your money type can be quite powerful.

Jordan on The Fox News Rundown Podcast

Jordan Goodman talks with Howard Kurtz about the 1.5 trillion dollars of student debt, why that number is growing so fast and why student debt is such a problem. Jordan's portion of the podcast starts midway at 13 minutes in.

Jordan on Marketer of the Day With Robert Plank

Jordan Goodman is a guest on Marketer of the Day with Robert Plank. Plank and Goodman discuss setting up your business structure, putting your money to work, refinancing student loans, and more.

Jordan on The Unstoppable CEO with Steve Gordon

Personal finance expert Jordan Goodman joins Host Steve Gordon to talk about how he got started as an entrepreneur at age 12, investing for higher than bank returns, and finding quality alternative business financing.


Jordan Goodman returns as a guest on The Financial Survival Network. Goodman and Host Kerry Lutz talk about how debt, like love, is a four letter word, especially when it comes to sub-prime auto loans, student debt and credit card debt.

Jordan on Cashflow Hacking Podcast

Jordan Goodman, America's Money Answers Man, joins host Casey Stubbs to talk about how to unleash cash flow through smarter investing.

«Toyota wishes to thank you for your educational and inspiring presentation at our Investor Fair. Your presentation was extremely well received by all who attended and has motivated our employees to get their financial acts together. »
- Mark Smith, Benefits Manger,Toyota Motor Sales USA
«Thank you for speaking at our Winter Retreat on December 12th. Your presentation on personal finance was very well received by our members. »
- Ken Murphy, Director Training and Director Training and Recruiting - Cory Ludens/Management Development Coordinator - Mattress Firm