Jordan Goodman on The Tony DUrso Show

Jordan Goodman, America's Money Answers Man, joins Host Tony DUrso on The Tony DUrso show to talk about 'The Saver's Dilemma' or what people can do to make their savings and investments work for them when inflation and interest rates are on the rise plus how to use the equity in your home to help pay off your mortgage in 5-7 years without make more frequent or bigger payments.

Jordan on The Win with Heather Havenwood

Jordan joins Host Heather Havenwood from The Win to talk about different financial strategies that can be used in business, ranging from paying off student loans to non-secured business loans.

Jordan on The Financial Survival Network (June 2018)

Jordan joins host Kerry Lutz on The Financial Survival Network to talk about June G7 meeting and how Trump will be received by the international leadership. Lutz and Trump also discuss rising interest rates and recent college grads paying back college loans.

Future Money Trends with Daniel Ameduri

Jordan talks with host Daniel Ameduri about how homeowners can pay off their mortgages in full in 5-7 years without making larger or more frequent payments using a mortgage equity system.

Jordan on The Real Estate Way to Wealth

Jordan joins host Jacob Ayers on The Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom to talk about investing in real estate for great returns and more.

Jordan on The Prosperity Show

Jordan joins Joan Sotkin, host of The Prosperity Show, to talk about getting better interest rates, using leverage to succeed, business financing, and more.

Jordan on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso

Jordan talks with Tony DUrso about why today’s modern businesses have a hard time getting loans and why bad financing methods aren’t good for your business.

Jordan on Crush The Street with Kenneth Ameduri

Jordan discusses the best way to optimize your mortgage and pay it off faster.

Jordan on The Financial Survival Network (March 2018)

Jordan talks with host Kerry Lutz about the current trade war with China and who is in a better position to win, the impact of the tax cuts on the US's current economy and rising national debt.

Money Life with Chuck Jaffee

Jordan joins Chuck Jaffe to talk about selling unwanted or unneeded life insurance policies for cash, how to use equity to pay off your home loan in full in 5-7 years without paying more or making more frequent payments.

«This is my "official" thank you for your presentation at our conference. Our agents were definitely impressed - and so was I - with how much practical information you crammed into the 45 minutes! »
- Dena Wise, PhD, The Unversity of Tennessee
- Shaida Ghomi, Seattle Study Club For Dentists