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Guests: David Scranton and Dee Carter

Description: Jordan Goodman, host of The Money Answers Show, interviews 'defensive' financial strategist David Scranton in the first half of the show and safe money solution expert Dee Carter in the second half. Goodman and Scranton discuss options income investors have to choose from today to produce a solid cash flow in a low yielding world where the Federal Reserve continues to raise short term interest rates. David will explain the pros and cons of government, high quality and high yield bonds and bond funds and bond ETFs. He will also discuss preferred stocks, convertibles, master limited partnerships and utilities.  Carter and Goodman review Carter's directives for building wealth and avoiding unnecessary risk.

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Guest: Natalie Pace

Description: Host Jordan Goodman talks with Natalie Pace about investing, gold, crypto, the market and so much more. 

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Guest: David Bach

Description:  Host Jordan Goodman talks with international best selling author David Bach about women, money, retirement, working with a financial advisor, and much more.

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Guest: Rebecca Walser

Description: Jordan Goodman talks with Rebecca Walser, best selling author, tax attorney, certified financial planner and wealth strategist, about her expertise and advice for flying against convention and building real wealth. 

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Guest: Kim Snider

Description: Jordan Goodman talks with Kim Snider, crypto currency expert, financial engineer and host of The Sane Crypto podcast about the realities of crypto and what we can expect and hope for plus how to invest for opportunity without risking too much.

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Guest: Bob Burg

Description: Bob Burg, best selling author of The Go Giver series, joins Host Jordan Goodman to talk about communicating, working and thriving in today's highly polarized world. 

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Guest: Daniel Ameduri

Description: Daniel Ameduri, self made millionaire and investor, talks with Host Jordan Goodman about the power of money. Ameduri shares how he became a self-made millionaire, his insights into the power of passive income and cash flow, his favorite books that have served him well. 

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Guests: Jerry Silberman & Rob Denton

Description: Finding funding and credit for business is HARD! Traditional bank loans can be very hard to qualify for and  slow to process. Yet credit is the lifeblood for almost every business. Without credit, most businesses cannot grow and many fail, especially during growth cycles when new sales require more internal resources and inventory.

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Guest: Kerry Lutz

Description: Jordan Goodman interviews Kerry Lutz, found of The Economic Survival Network and Author of 'Viral Podcasting', about the golden era of prosperity under Trump's presidency, the trade war, opportunities for increasing wealth and more.

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Guest: Lee Phillips

Description: Jordan Goodman talks with Attorney Lee Phillips, founder of Legalees and LLC Wizard, about the hows and whys of using LLCs to protect yourself, protect your assets, and increase your take home income.

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« wanted to take a moment to thank you for participating in PENSCO’s Symposium on Self-Directed IRA’s, held in New York City in March. Your presentation certainly contributed to the overall success of the event.»
- Michael P. Scott, VP/Director of Business Development Pensco Trust Company
«This morning your presentation to the students was extremely informative and your delivery was so well directed to their comprehension level. Comments today indicate how well-received "Getting Your Financial Act Together" was by our students...as well as our faculty.»
- Susan Scribner, Ed. D, McKendree College