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Michael Weisz

Description: Familiar with alternative investments? Curious about the relationship between risk and yield? Ready to diversify your holdings and move out of traditional markets? Wondering how to tell when and alternative investment is well structured? Michael Weisz, President and Co-Founder of Yield Street, a technology platform connecting accredited investors and deserving borrowers, talks with Host Jordan Goodman about the growing field of alternative investing, the new asset class of Marine Finance, how alternatives perform during economic downturns, how Yield Street works to mitigate risk and much more.

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Guest: Martin Lynch

Description: Host Jordan Goodman talks with consumer debt expert Martin Lynch about the vast and growing problem of consumer debt, looking at the big national picture and at tangible, realistic things consumers can do to get their debt under control.

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Guest: Heather Ann Havenwood

Description: Jordan Goodman talks with Heather Ann Havenwood about her very real experience building her business quickly - and then bottoming out. Goodman and Havenwood discuss the big lesson Havenwood took away and how she's changed the way she does business. Havenwood and Goodman also talk about the unique challenges women may have when it comes to money as well as the importance of adequately budgeting for marketing.

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Guests: David Scranton and Dee Carter

Description: Jordan Goodman, host of The Money Answers Show, interviews 'defensive' financial strategist David Scranton in the first half of the show and safe money solution expert Dee Carter in the second half. Goodman and Scranton discuss options income investors have to choose from today to produce a solid cash flow in a low yielding world where the Federal Reserve continues to raise short term interest rates. David will explain the pros and cons of government, high quality and high yield bonds and bond funds and bond ETFs. He will also discuss preferred stocks, convertibles, master limited partnerships and utilities.  Carter and Goodman review Carter's directives for building wealth and avoiding unnecessary risk.

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Guest: Natalie Pace

Description: Host Jordan Goodman talks with Natalie Pace about investing, gold, crypto, the market and so much more. 

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Guest: David Bach

Description:  Host Jordan Goodman talks with international best selling author David Bach about women, money, retirement, working with a financial advisor, and much more.

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Guest: Rebecca Walser

Description: Jordan Goodman talks with Rebecca Walser, best selling author, tax attorney, certified financial planner and wealth strategist, about her expertise and advice for flying against convention and building real wealth. 

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Guest: Kim Snider

Description: Jordan Goodman talks with Kim Snider, crypto currency expert, financial engineer and host of The Sane Crypto podcast about the realities of crypto and what we can expect and hope for plus how to invest for opportunity without risking too much.

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Guest: Bob Burg

Description: Bob Burg, best selling author of The Go Giver series, joins Host Jordan Goodman to talk about communicating, working and thriving in today's highly polarized world. 

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Guest: Daniel Ameduri

Description: Daniel Ameduri, self made millionaire and investor, talks with Host Jordan Goodman about the power of money. Ameduri shares how he became a self-made millionaire, his insights into the power of passive income and cash flow, his favorite books that have served him well. 

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«Thank you so much for the keynote address at the Power Your Business Conference and for participating on the “Powerful Tools Available to Finance Your Business” panel. We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to join us.»
- Debbie Gregory, Founder VAMBOA.org
«We are again so pleased with the presentation that you made to the teacher educators for personal finance on the evening of November 5 in Kansas City, Missouri. The reviews from the 64 teacher educators were outstanding. »
- John Clow, Director Financial Fitness for Life Project, The Campaign for Economic Literacy