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Guest: Daniel Ameduri

Description: Daniel Ameduri, self made millionaire and investor, talks with Host Jordan Goodman about the power of mone. Ameduri shares how he became a self-made millionaire, his insights into the power of passive income and cash flow, his favorite books that have served him well. 

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Guests: Jerry Silberman & Rob Denton

Description: Finding funding and credit for business is HARD! Traditional bank loans can be very hard to qualify for and  slow to process. Yet credit is the lifeblood for almost every business. Without credit, most businesses cannot grow and many fail, especially during growth cycles when new sales require more internal resources and inventory.

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Guest: Kerry Lutz

Description: Jordan Goodman interviews Kerry Lutz, found of The Economic Survival Network and Author of 'Viral Podcasting', about the golden era of prosperity under Trump's presidency, the trade war, opportunities for increasing wealth and more.

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Guest: Lee Phillips

Description: Jordan Goodman talks with Attorney Lee Phillips, founder of Legalees and LLC Wizard, about the hows and whys of using LLCs to protect yourself, protect your assets, and increase your take home income.

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Guest: Taylor Letterman
Guest: Geary Bush

Description: Do your investments reflect the changing world environment? What do the rapid changes mean to both investors and investments? How do you evaluate where to invest, when to invest and why?

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Guest: Lior Gantz

Description: Host Jordan Goodman talks with Lior Gantz about cryptocurrency, gold, the bull market, China, outsourcing, and making personal incomes work for you.

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Guest: Chuck Jaffe

Description: How many financial apps have you installed? Are these apps improving your outcome or making your day-to-day financial management easier or less stressful? Host Jordan Goodman talks with Nationally syndicated journalist Chuck Jaffe about the tyranny of financial apps and their effect on investors.

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Guest: Debbie Bloyd

Description: Jordan Goodman talks with financial advisor and Radio show host Debbie Bloyd about what she sees as the hot topics for sound personal finance.

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Guest: Megan Gorman

Description: Host Jordan Goodman talks with financial planner Megan Gorman about college and college planning.

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Guest: Keith Harmeyer

Description: Host Jordan Goodman talks with author and thought leader Keith Harmeyer about creativity, business and the real reasons why innovation is critical to thriving.

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«While “Making Ends Meet” is still fresh in mind, I would like to thank you, profusely, for rendering such a valuable service to Dartmouth students last evening. »
- Skip Sturman, Director, Career Services, Dartmouth College
«I wish to express my appreciation and that of the Committee, to you for participation in the Panel Discussion, “Surviving, and Thriving in the New Financial Norm.”»
- Jettie D. Newkirk, Esq., Pennsylvania Bar Association, Minority Bar Conference