Is Saving For Retirement Out of Date?

Description - Has saving for retirement become passe? What happens to you in your older years if you stop building your nest egg? Why would anyone even consider stopping saving and what would they do instead? Jordan Goodman, host of The Money Answers Show, talks with author and investor Daniel Ameduri about his newest book, 'Don't Save For Retirement'. Ameduri and Goodman discuss how to truly build financial independence and why passive income versus investing makes so much sense. Goodman and Ameduri talk about how ending the crushing debt cycle, building passive income, investing differently, and moving away from outdated financial thinking patterns can translate into financial independence instead of traditional retirement.

Bio - Daniel Ameduri is a self-made multi-millionaire, a full-time skeptic of conventional thought, and a proud father of three. He is the cofounder of the Future Money Trends newsletter and, which, with nearly 150,000 subscribers, is the most widely recognized online authority in investment ideas and economic advice. He’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, on ABC World News Tonight, and on Russia Today TV. Daniel correctly predicted the collapse of Lehman Brothers, AIG, and Washington Mutual on “Vision Victory,” the YouTube channel he launched in 2007 and which now has had more than thirteen million views.





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- Marica Klipsch, Education Coordinator/University of Arizona
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