Can Saving Money Really Lead to Wealth and Early Retirement?


Can you truly save enough to become wealthy? What about early retirement? What is the relationship between money and time? Which is better for happiness - money or time? What is money? How much money do you need for the rest of your life and how do you get that? What is the new retirement goal and how does it differ from what we were led to expect? Jordan Goodman, host of The Money Answers Show, talks with Grant Sabatier. Sabatier, author of 'Financial Freedom' and host of Millennial Money, shares his experiences and insights about saving 1 million dollars by age 30, his new book, and his insights into building financial freedom. Sabatier and Goodman discuss different kinds of investments, the importance of side hustles, financial independence and a new vision for retirement.



«Mr. Jordan Goodman facilitated the ACS Member Insurance program sponsored financial planning seminar at the American Chemical Society’s 223rd National Meeting in Orlando, FL. »
- Ena Castro, Director/ACS Member Insurance Program
«Toyota wishes to thank you for your educational and inspiring presentation at our Investor Fair. Your presentation was extremely well received by all who attended and has motivated our employees to get their financial acts together. »
- Mark Smith, Benefits Manger,Toyota Motor Sales USA