How Better Financial Knowledge Can Change Your World


Are you financially literate? What exactly is financial literacy and when does someone reach that point? Is there a relationship between how much you know about how money and finance work and how your financial reality plays out? Can you change your financial status just by improving your understanding of money? Jordan Goodman talks with Valentino Sabuco, Executive Director of The Financial Awareness Foundation, about the massive problem of financial illiteracy and its ramifications. Sabuco and Goodman discuss the importance of estate and gift planning and why its crucial for everyone, not only the rich,what financial knowledge is and steps anyone can take to improve their personal financial skills.

Bio: Valentino Sabuco is the Executive Director and Publisher for The Financial Awareness Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to significantly help solve a major social problem dealing with the lack of financial awareness and the financial illiteracy epidemic. The Foundation believes that teaching financial awareness, financial literacy and the principles of smart money management empowers people to make better informed everyday money decisions so they can live a quality life and pass on values, knowledge and assets. Sabuco has taken an active leadership role to recognize domestic and international organizations championing improving financial awareness and financial literacy. Valentino has over 40 years of experience as a seasoned business and nonprofit executive, as a “fee-only” financial planning professional, CEO/Founder of a financial publishing company, board member, syndicated columnist, and public speaker. Valentino lives in Sonoma County with his wife and 2 daughters.


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