Tyranny of Financial Apps and More with Chuck Jaffe


Guest: Chuck Jaffe

Description: How many financial apps have you installed? Are these apps improving your outcome or making your day-to-day financial management easier or less stressful? Host Jordan Goodman talks with Nationally syndicated journalist Chuck Jaffe about the tyranny of financial apps and their effect on investors. Jaffe and Goodman also discuss the difference between a trading mentality and an investing mentality, the state of alternative investments vs stocks and bonds, and why Jaffe gives out money at Halloween and the lessons he hopes to impart.  

Guest Bio: Chuck Jaffe is a senior columnist for MarketWatch. His weekly columns are syndicated nationally, and his “Your Funds” column is the most widely read feature on mutual fund investing in America. He is the host of “Money Life with Chuck Jaffe,” a weekday radio show/podcast. Chuck has followed the rich journalistic history of “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable” in the financial services world. For a decade, he wrote the “Stupid Investment of the Week” column for MarketWatch. He is also known for terrorizing the mutual fund industry with his annual “Lump of Coal Awards.” Chuck has been named to MutualFundWire’s list of the 40 Most Influential People in Fund Distribution. He is the author of three books: “Getting Started In Finding a Financial Advisor” (John Wiley & Sons), “The Right Way to Hire Financial Help” (The MIT Press) and “Chuck Jaffe’s Lifetime Guide to Mutual Funds” (Perseus Books). Chuck lives on Boston’s South Shore.

URL: http://www.moneylifeshow.com/

- Shaida Ghomi, Seattle Study Club For Dentists
«We are again so pleased with the presentation that you made to the teacher educators for personal finance on the evening of November 5 in Kansas City, Missouri. The reviews from the 64 teacher educators were outstanding. »
- John Clow, Director Financial Fitness for Life Project, The Campaign for Economic Literacy