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The historic signing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December by President Trump may have you wondering how your taxes may change. Here are some of the most important provisions of the new law that may affect you:

Most Americans will begin to see the new tax plan effects in action in February 2018 as a majority of provisions went into effect in January.  Only a few changes affect taxes for 2017 - taxpayers will first experience the vast majority of changes when filing 2018 taxes next year.

One of the changes with significant ramifications is the big increase in standard deductions for taxpayers - nearly doubling deduction levels - meaning far fewer filers will be able to itemize deductions.


Taxes are probably the most unpleasant aspect of personal finance. However, just because you do not like thinking about how much you must pay in federal, state, and local taxes every year does not mean that you should avoid the subject.

If you pay little or no attention to the tax consequences of every financial move you make, you will certainly owe the government more money, not less. On the other hand, if you learn the basic tax-saving strategies, you can maximize the amount of money you spend and invest while you minimize your tax bite.

Combined with the tips, techniques and action strategies included in the other sections of this report, you can learn how to micro-manage your funds so that your money multiplies itself.

Read on and reap the financial rewards!