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Find A Happy Balance With Your Holiday Spending
Find A Happy Balance With Your Holiday Spending

Financial lessons from 2017- Growth and Opportunity in 2018


In December we traditionally celebrate as the we tidy up the remaining days of the waning year.  Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Solstice or Boxing Day, Yule or St Lucia’s Day, it’s all about moving through darkness and cold into the light of the new, gathering closely with family and friends and celebrating survival, success, and rebirth.


The end of the year is a natural and opportune time to reflect back. How have you fared? What were your successes and what were your failures? What lessons have you learned in 2017? What skills do you wish you had under your belt? The end of the year is also the appropriate time to look forward with an eye towards being even more successful and satisfied in 2018.


What kind of financial lessons have you learned this year? Probably some good and some not so good. Can you backtrack and figure out what helped result in good outcomes? Write it down. Did you have a few less than stellar financial experiences? Again, try to determine what part of the disappointment was a result of your choices and record those, too. Any frustrations at not having the skill set or knowledge you needed? Add them to your list.


Many financial experts believe we’re bound to endlessly repeat the same financial mistakes till we combine the financial skills AND the self awareness and emotional skills required for success. 


Belinda Rosenblum, financial coach and chief money motivator to the universe (my nickname for her), shared some great insights with me during her interview this year on The Money Answers Show. Rosenblum believes the biggest block to one’s financial success is beliefs about money, the story one tells oneself about  your relationship to money. Rosenblum’s ‘Money Roadmap’, part of her Money Makers Academy, teaches the skills you need to be financially successful in the order you need to learn them. ‘You don’t have to be a victim’ Rosenblum told me, ‘you can rewrite your story about money.’


Do you have the attitude and mindset to be successful in 2018?


Ric Edelman, financial planner and best selling author, talked with me about the very different future he feels we need to prepare for from a personal finance perspective. During his interview with me on The Money Answers Show, Ric discussed the implications we all need to be aware of from his new book, ‘The Truth About Your Future’. Edelman pointed out that the average S&P company back in the 1920’s had an average life of 65 years while today it’s only 15 years. That means that by 2025, 40% of the S&P will not exist. Edelman wants everyone, particularly financial planners, to look at investments to make sure you’re poised to thrive in the 21st century. Ric specifically recommends considering investing in an Exchange Traded Fund called Exponential Technologies Fund with symbol XT.  Edelman foresees huge numbers of jobs disappearing in the next 10 years thanks to technology and artificial intelligence. Opportunities will be huge, Edelman says, but there’s going to be huge amounts of disruption. 


Do you have the right investments and future-favorable skills to thrive in a fast-changing world?


Taking the time to look at your personal and financial well-being and future from a big picture perspective is invaluable! And often, the gap between that future and our current reality would benefit from a bit of funding cash to help us get there. 

Which brings me to something fun to close with: the single best resource to look for money you probably didn’t even know you have is Missing Money. Missing Money aggregates the unclaimed property lists from every participating state, making it easy for you to search for bank accounts, real property, 401k accounts, settlements, mutual funds, and more. It’s outrageous that some states literally have billions of dollars in unclaimed assets waiting for someone to stake a legal claim! Take a few moments to go see if you have an unexpected asset waiting for you and if you do, please consider funding your financial future whether it be through education, skill development or investments.








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