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The Struggle to Afford Continuing Education
The Struggle to Afford Continuing Education

Making the right financial decision for college is essential for incoming college students as it sets the financial tone for the rest of their lives. College is one of the most valuable investments you will make in your lifetime but some worry it is not affordable. The concern of having to pay off decades of college tuition can deter any aspiration of continuing on to further education.. This is a common misconception. If you do the right research and meet certain qualifications student loans will not seem as frustrating. You can save money by simply understanding the different financial aid systems and how they work at your college or university. Fill yourself with knowledge and study what financial aid you can qualify for. In the end, people will be able to pursue their educational career with more confidence and focus without the burden of high student loans. It is a win-win!

Jordan Goodman and Bruce Mesnekoff have compiled a list of free resources recommended by the U.S. Department of Education in their book The Ultimate Guide to Student Loans:

Other Federal agencies

College or career school financial aid office

High School counselor

State grant agency

U.S Department of Labor’s free scholarship search

Library reference section

Some foundations , religious or community organizations , local businesses , or civic groups

Organizations ( including professional associations ) related to your field of interest

Ethnicity-based organizations

Your employer or your child’s employer

Federal Student Aid Information Center

Many do not know where to start with their hunt on making college more affordable. There are an endless amount of outside help students can use, but it is how they decide to use it that is crucial.

Students can receive scholarships and grants not only from their college, but also from other Federal agencies and organizations.The state can give students money for having a veteran in the family or being a great leader. Being informed can potentially change the future for most students and all it takes is a matter of putting in the work and waiting for a positive outcome.

To learn more about ways to handle student debt through investing, applying for the best loans, and paying them off quickly, check out The Ultimate Guide to Student Loans.




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