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Rising healthcare premiums for primary care have caused many Americans to forgo vital coverage such as dental and vision care coverage.

Employers are reducing or eliminating these dental and vision insurance for employees as well. According to My Dental Savings, a discount dental program headquartered in New York, more than 108 million Americans now do not have any kind of dental care plan.

This statistic is alarming. By neglecting the health of your teeth, you increase your risk of heart disease by 200% and stroke and respiratory infection by 500%. Delaying proper dental care can also cause enormous pain as well as expense when facing unexpected dental problems, such as cavities and other dental problems later.

Most dental insurance policies charge substantial premiums while also imposing co-payments, high deductibles and in many cases, a benefit cap, or in other words, a total limit the insurance company will reimburse you for dental expenses. In many cases, that means you could pay more out of pocket for premiums and deductibles than the dental procedures cost.

One possible solution to make sure you get the highest quality dental care you need at the lowest possible cost is a dental discount program. These programs are not insurance but instead they have negotiated deeply discounted rates with dentists and oral care providers nationwide. You will save as much as 60% off retail rates on every dental procedure, including exams, cleaning, x-rays, root canals, crowns, orthodontics. These networks offer access to over 140,000 accredited and pre-screened dentists throughout the country. There is no limit for how much you can use the plan and yes, you can use it even if you have a pre-existing dental condition.

My favorite dental discount plan is My Dental Savings at www.mydentalsavings.com.

To find out more about them and to see if your existing dentist is in their network, contact them at www.mydentalsavings.com or call them at 844-851-9294.

Don’t let your oral health suffer any longer! Staying healthy will save you lots of expense and pain compared to not taking the proper preventive health measures!




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