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Should You Sell Your Existing Life Insurance Policy?
Should You Sell Your Existing Life Insurance Policy?

One of the most frequently asked questions I often get on my radio shows is:

"Is there a way I can sell my existing life insurance policy for more than I would receive by cashing it with my insurance company?"

Until recently, if you had an unneeded or unwanted policy, you had two options - surrender the policy back to the insurance company that issued it for its cash-surrender value (if any) or allow the policy to lapse (and receive nothing at all). These two options may not be appropriate for every one. And luckily, there is a third option, I often recommend:

You can potentially realize an amount greater than either of the two choices described above if:

You are over the age of 65.
You have significant health challenges.
You no longer have the original need for the policy.
You are considering surrendering or lapsing your policy.
The premiums to keep it in force have become too much of a financial burden.

One of my trusted and recommended resources and someone who has helped many people with this situation is Oleg from List Settlements (LIS). He can help you learn how you can benefit by allowing LIS to provide a free non-binding appraisal of your life insurance policies and make a recommendation.


LIS is a life insurance settlement broker. As such, it serves as an intermediary that brings together policy owners who wish to sell a policy and providers seeking to purchase them. Brokers will shop a policy to multiple providers, much as a real estate broker solicits multiple offers for one's home. Not all buyers are alike; LIS will help ensure that your policy is sold to a reputable buyer. This can give you peace of mind and the money that you need now to enjoy life.

You can contact them by visiting the website: www.fundinglife.com or calling them Toll Free at: 877.485.6681 or you can email Oleg directly at: [email protected]




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