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Mortgages Resources
Welcome to Mortgage Resources

Welcome to Mortgage Resources at Money Answers! Your home is likely the largest investment of your life and making smart money choices about buying, refinancing or selling your home can save money and have a huge impact on your personal finance. 
Jordan, a personal finance expert, has identified several great resources to help you refinance your mortgage, pay off your mortgage in 5-7 years, how to control your interest rate and much more.  As a personal finance expert Jordan recognizes quality solutions, forming affiliate relationships to help improve people's financial lives.
Building financial literacy is a life-long learning process. If you have money questions or need additional money advice, please use the contact page to send Jordan your question. 

Hero Reward Program For Home Buyers, Sellers & Refinancing

Description:  Are you a hero? Do you know a hero? Heroes come in many walks of life! Heroes Come First with Homes for Heroes is on a mission to recognize everyday and exceptional heroes with a program providing an average $2,500 savings when selling, buying or refinancing their homes.

If you are a current or former firefighter, education professional (teacher, professor, school staff, etc), law enforcement officer, military personnel (active, reserves and veterans), health care worker or professional(nurse, doctor, dentist, EM, technician, staff, etc), or clergy you should qualify to participate in and receive special savings through this program.

Resource: Heroes Come First with Homes for Heroes
Website: HeroesComeFirst.com
Telephone: 800-272-5626

Mortgage Equity Optimization

Jordan Goodman explains how to pay off your mortgage in 5-7 years instead of 30 years on your existing level of income. Before you Replace Your Mortgage, click on the link and receive your FREE analysis.

Resource:  Truth in Equity
Website: http://www.truthinequity.com/?aid=1042

Reverse Mortgages

If you need to pay off your mortgage and other debts such as credit cards or need money to pay bills or invest to boost your retirement income and you are at least 62 years old, tapping into your home equity using a reverse mortgage might be the best solution for you. When you take out a reverse mortgage, your home is appraised and then you are given access to a certain percentage of your home value, depending on your age. The older you are, the more money you can get. You can access these funds tax-free in a lump sum, in a fixed monthly payment or in a line of credit you tap whenever you want. Unlike a traditional mortgage, you do not have to make payments on the reverse mortgage. The interest you are being charged builds up and is paid off eventually whenever you sell the home or die, at which point the home may be sold to pay off the principal you borrowed and the accumulated interest. Reverse mortgages are now called Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM) and can be arranged for homes with 1 to 4 families or FHA approved condominiums. You are still responsible for paying real estate taxes and home insurance and any homeowner fees and you continue to own the home.

To see if a reverse mortgage might be right for your situation and to get the best deal, contact the Intercontinental Capital Group.

Resource: Intercontinental Capital Group

Website: https://hecm.apply.icghome.com/pages/reverse-mortgage

Phone: 833-785-3390

Automatic Rate Cut Loan (ARC Loan)

Jordan Goodman discusses ARC Loans where your interest rates will fall automatically when rates decline. When rates rise, your interest rate remains unaffected. Go to arcloan.com for assistance and more information.


Resource: Arcloan.com
Website: www.arcloan.com

Please click on the following link to get The ArcLoan.com Mortgage Management Free App:  http://arcloan.mortgagemapp.com/

Tel: 800-272-5626

Refinancing Your Mortgage

Jordan Goodman explains how to know when it pays to refinance your mortgage and how to get the best deal on a refi.

Resource: Access National Bank 
Website: www.youcanrefi.com
Tel: 800-272-5626

Fixing Mortgage Payment Overcharges

If you have a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage, or a home equity line of credit, or if you’re making extra payments or just want a professional second opinion about the accuracy of your mortgage payments, order an ArmCheck™ mortgage audit today. Consider a mortgage audit if your monthly payment or loan balance just seems too high.  ArmCheck™ mortgage audits uncover overcharges in the calculation of your mortgage rates and payments. Thousands of homeowners have used the audit to “win their case” and get refunds ranging from $300 to $38,000!  Surveys indicate that such errors occur in up to 40% of all loans. These mistakes include miscalculating monthly payments, interest charges and loan balances. These problems occur for a variety of reasons such as inexperienced personnel, faulty software or using an incorrect index value for variable rate loans.  You will receive a report to let you know if you’ve been overcharged by the lender. You’ll also receive a “Lender Refund Letter” to send along with your report to your mortgage lender to obtain a refund for any overpayment.

Learn about the ArmCheck™ mortgage audits at www.verifymymortgage.com
or by calling 800-888-6781

Fixing Escrow Account Overcharges

Escrow accounts are often required by mortgage lenders to pay property taxes and insurance. Lenders review the account annually, but these escrow payment adjustments often result in overcharges that come out of your pocket. Errors occur in up to one-third of escrow accounts.  Mistakes occur for several reasons including inaccurate annual escrow reviews, inexperienced personnel or faulty software. The EscrowCheck™ audit will determine if you’re paying too much every month and if the lender is holding excess funds in the reserve or “cushion” account. Along with the audit report, you will receive a “Lender Refund Letter” to send along with your report to the lender to get a refund for any overcharges. Thousands of homeowners have used the EscrowCheck™ independent verification of escrow accounts to uncover mistakes or overcharges. Borrowers have received refunds ranging from $500 to $6,000. 

Learn about the EscrowCheck™ escrow audit at www.verifymyescrow.com
or by calling 800-888-6781

Cancelling Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Early

Most homeowners think that private mortgage insurance, or PMI, can only be cancelled when the loan reaches 80% of the home’s original value. However, there are many other ways that PMI can be cancelled early without refinancing! That will save you between $50 and $350 per month in PMI premiums. The early removal of PMI is complicated and based not just on the loan balance and the home’s original value, but also on the interplay among numerous factors such as the loan rate, term, and whether any home improvements or prepayments have been made to the house.  The PMI Terminator™ personalized report is based on your specific situation and shows the numerous ways to remove PMI early. It also includes a “Lender PMI Removal Letter” which you send to the insurance company proving that you should not be paying PMI any longer.  

Learn about the PMI Terminator™ report at www.verifymypmi.com
or by calling 800-888-6781

How To Modify Your Mortgage

Jordan Goodman explains how to lower your mortgage payment or your interest rate through mortgage modification.

Resource: Modify My Mortgage
Website:   www.modifymymortgage.com
Phone:     800-663-4396

«I wish to express my appreciation and that of the Committee, to you for participation in the Panel Discussion, “Surviving, and Thriving in the New Financial Norm.”»
- Jettie D. Newkirk, Esq., Pennsylvania Bar Association, Minority Bar Conference
«Mr. Jordan Goodman facilitated the ACS Member Insurance program sponsored financial planning seminar at the American Chemical Society’s 223rd National Meeting in Orlando, FL. »
- Ena Castro, Director/ACS Member Insurance Program