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Lifelock takes protecting your identity personally. This incredible identity protection company works around the clock 24/7 365 days a year to make sure their clients' personal information is secure. Lifelock's secure services include credit monitoring. fraud monitoring, resolutions services, list removal, and so much more.

  Lifelock's focus is set on safeguarding your:
    •    Finances
    •    Credit
    •    Online Activity
    •    Your Good Name

    Unlike the simple credit monitoring the other companies provide, Safelock delivers Fast Identification, Fast Notification, and Fast Action. Notifications from simple credit monitoring services may alert you only after the fact of fraud taking place, but utilizing the most advanced technology available Lifelock constantly monitors over one trillion data points that analyze and detect any possibility of suspicious activity.

    Lifelock delivers:
    *    Credit Application Alerts
    *    Non-Credit Report Alerts
    *   Primary Identity Alert System
    *   Credit File I'rotection
    *    Lost Wallet Protection
    *    Address Change Verification
    *    Black Market Website Surveillance
    *    Reduced Pm-Approved Credit Card
    *    Award-Winning Member Service 24/7/365
    *    SI. Million Total Service Guarantee
    *    Identity Fraud Resolution
    *    Alias Name and Address Monitoring
    *    Criminal Court Records Scanning
    *    File Sharing Network Searches
    *    Unauthorized Pay Day Loan Notification
    *    Sex Offender Registry Reports
    *    Tri- Bureau Credit Reports and Scores
    *     Account Application & Takeover Alerts
    *     Monthly Credit Score Tracking

But one of the best features Lifelock provides is that they DO NOT sell your personal information. EVER. Data brokers are in the business or selling personal consumer data to various companies to capitalize on your good name, but not Lifelock. Your information is always secure with Lifelock. 

Learn More about how Lifelock is the best choice for preserving and protecting your good name at www.lifelock.com and use the promo code JORDANGOODMAN and recieve a 10% discount when you sign up for Lifelock services online or over the phone at 800-LIFELOCK