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Don’t Let Long Term Health Care Costs Deplete Your Assets and Leave You Stranded Without Needed Care!

Thanks to medical and healthcare advances, we’re living longer lives than ever before. It’s great to be healthy - but what happens when you DO need help with everyday tasks or supported care? Who will provide assistance and how will you pay? Most Americans are unaware that Medicare does NOT cover the costs of in-home or out-of-home long term care until virtually zero assets are left. Yet the vast majority of Americans will require some form of long term care, sooner or later.


The time to buy is before you get sick and need assistance. Like life insurance, rates are based on health and age so delaying the decision to invest in a long term care policy simply increases the cost and the likelihood that you’ll have a health condition that disqualifies you for coverage. Having long term care in place means that you are much more likely to be able leave hard earned assets to your family and much less likely to suffer from inadequate care when you need it the most.


Would you like professional counseling on when the best time for YOU to invest in a long term care policy? Are you ready to check out your options and begin preparing for safe and well cared for senior years? Call the advisors at Longevity Alliance, a national insurance brokerage specializing in long term care for no cost and no obligation advice.


Website: http://www.searchltc.com/

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Want to Increase Medicare Options And Decrease Out-Of-Pocket Medicare Expenses? Medicare Supplemental Insurance May Be the Answer!

Did you know that you’ll generally pay 20% out-of-pocket for all Medicare-covered expenses? There are gaps in Medicare Part A and Part B that leave you responsible for paying co-pays, co-insurances and deductibles. Those costs can add up quickly!


What can you do to control your out-of-pocket costs and protect your hard earned savings? A Medicare supplemental insurance plan may be the right choice to help gain control over spiraling health care costs. With a Medicare supplemental insurance plan, you pay a monthly premium for a policy that helps keep your out-of-pocket costs low.


Different supplemental plans are known by letters - and every Medicare Supplemental Plan F, for example, will offer the exact same benefits as other plan Fs - but the cost for that coverage can vary widely.


Which Medicare supplemental insurance plan is right for you? The licensed agents at Longevity Alliance, a national insurance brokerage, can you help identify the right coverage at the right price. Let Longevity Alliance help you make sense of Medicare supplemental insurance policies and options and find the right solution to your health care needs.


website: www.SearchMedSup.com

phone: 1-800-325-6669

Life Insurance to Protect You and Your Family, Just in Case

What exactly is life insurance and why do you need it? How do you select a life insurance policy with so many different kinds of life insurance plans and so many companies? Who can you turn to for help in navigating the complex and often confusing world of life insurance?


Longevity Alliance, a national insurance brokerage specializing in life insurance, can help. Their licensed agents will listen to your needs and help you find the right policy at a price you can afford.


Knowing that your family is protected is one of the best feelings! Life insurance can be as simple as ensuring that your passing won’t be a burden to your family by covering your burial and final expenses. Life insurance can also be used for far ranging plans that ensure your kids can finish college, or your spouse can pay off the family home and afford decent quality of life. or leaving a legacy for the next generation.


You never know what life will bring… and you want yourself and your family to be protected, just in case. Life insurance offers affordable protection for you and your loved ones against life's surprises.




phone: 1-800-325-6669


Jordan Goodman discusses how index strategies such as Index Universal Life and Index Universal Annuities work with Ted Leutz and Lynette Robbins of Knowles System. Index Strategies allow you to grow your cash value inside an insurance vehicle in a tax-free environment in which you profit when stock prices rise and do not lose any gains when stock prices fall. These strategies also allow you to withdraw money from the policy tax-free, provide living benefits to pay for long term health care costs, and provide a significant death benefit. To find out more about how these strategies might work for you, contact Knowles System.  
Resource: Knowles System
Phone: 888-518-3113 ext 2

Dental Discount Program

Jordan Goodman explains the benefits of enrolling in a dental discount plan where thousands of dentists agree to charge lower fees on all dental work to participating patients. 

Resource: My Dental Savings


Selling Your Life Insurance

Jordan Goodman explains how you can use your life insurance policy to generate additional income.

Resource: Life Settlements Inc.
Website:  www.fundinglife.com
Phone:    877-485-6681

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