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Enhancing Your Credit Score - Riverwalk Credit Solutions

America's Money Answers Man Jordan Goodman talks about getting your credit back to where it should be by monitoring and managing negative items that may be unjustly counting against you on your credit report.  He recommends a company called Riverwalk Credit Solutions to help you correct inaccurate credit items and get your score as high as possible.

Jordan Interviews Paul Oster of Better Qualified

Resource: Riverwalk Credit Solutions
Website: www.creditanswersnow.com
Tel: 877-557-1676

Improving Your Business Credit Score

Every business has a credit score tracked by Dun and Bradstreet and you, the business owner, must make sure that this score is as accurate as possible for you to be able to qualify for the best credit terms and the best interest rates. It can be difficult and time-consuming for you to correct errors on your business credit report, which is why it will be helpful for you to use Better Qualified to take on this task.  They will evaluate your business credit report and score and take whatever steps are necessary to correct errors and boost your D& B score.

Resource:  Better Qualified Business Credit Enhancement Service

Website: www.tourdecredit.com

Tel: 888-533-8138

How to Settle Small Business Debt

Jordan Goodman explains how your small business can get a handle on its debts. Your business can end up paying pennies on the dollar to your creditors, allowing you to get back on your feet and thrive.

Jordan Interviews Jerry Silberman of Corporate Turnaround

Resource:  Corporate Turnaround
Website:  www.helpwithpayables.com
Phone:  877-377-3669

Reducing Your Debts by Settlements

Jordan Goodman discusses how to settle your total debt obligations for pennies on the dollar by using a credible debt settlement service.

Jordan Interviews Jason Oswald of Justus Debt

Resource: Justus Debts
Website: www.justusdebt.com
Phone:  877-244-0612

Finding a Personal Loan Online

If you need up to $4,000 as soon as tomorrow, you can choose a personal installment loan from a highly rated, Better Business Bureau-accredited lender. OppLoans offers faster funding, lower interest rates and more personal service than payday lenders even if your credit rating is not great.
·  OppLoans offers easy application, fast decisions, and funding as soon as the next day
·  Get lower APRs, longer terms, and no prepayment fees
·  Receive funds electronically into your account
·  OppLoans is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by Google customers
Resource: OppLoans
Tel: (800) 990-9130


If you need a loan quickly without going through the complex and time-consuming loan application process at a bank, you might consider borrowing against the value of your valuables. By turning in such assets as cars, jewelry, watches, gold and other precious metals, fine art and antiques, luxury handbags and fine wine, you get a fixed interest rate loan within 24 hours with no credit check. There is no prepayment penalty so you can pay the loan off and get your possessions returned whenever you like. If you default, the lender keeps your asset and you are not personally liable and it does not affect your credit score.


Resource:  Borro

Website:  www.cashinyourassets.com

Tel: 888-991-9137

Peer to Peer Lending

Jordan Goodman explains how to get a loan at a lower interest rate than the bank offers in what is known as peer to peer lending. In this form of lending, you post information about your credit history and your purpose for borrowing, and investors fund your loan.

  • School tuition is a prohibited loan purpose. Loans through Lending Club may not be used for any educational purposes.
  • Lending Club requires good to excellent credit.
  • Our range of rates are from 6.78% to 29.99% APR.

Resource: Lending Club
Website:  www.lendingclub.com

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Jordan Goodman explains how to protect yourself against identity theft and what to do if you are hit by an ID thief.

Learn More about how Lifelock is the best choice for preserving and protecting your good name at www.lifelock.com and use the promo code JORDANGOODMAN and receive a 10% discount when you sign up for Lifelock services online or over the phone at 800-LIFELOCK.

Resource:  LifeLock
Website:  www.lifelock.com
Tel: 800-543-3562


«I wish to express my appreciation and that of the Committee, to you for participation in the Panel Discussion, “Surviving, and Thriving in the New Financial Norm.”»
- Jettie D. Newkirk, Esq., Pennsylvania Bar Association, Minority Bar Conference
« wanted to take a moment to thank you for participating in PENSCO’s Symposium on Self-Directed IRA’s, held in New York City in March. Your presentation certainly contributed to the overall success of the event.»
- Michael P. Scott, VP/Director of Business Development Pensco Trust Company