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Reading between the Lies - Ebook

Reading between the Lies - Ebook

Detecting Wall Street Lies: An Individual Investors Guide to Profitability.

In the aftermath extraordinary market volitility, investors have fled the volatile financial markets in fear of losing what's left of their life savings. With the U.S. securities market rocked to its very core, the ultimate victims are investors.

Financial expert Jordan Goodman's book, Reading Between the Lies examines today's principal markets and discusses how they have been abused, touching on such infamous cases as Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, and Adelphia. Reading Between the Lies is a must read for investors wanting to rebuild their confidence. Investors will learn how corporations abused the system, how to assess data on balance sheets and financial reports, conduct audits, evaluate technical indicators and management profiles, and research financial information on line.

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