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Making Money From Real Estate: Buying Notes, Top Investor Hacks

**Episode Available Monday, June 17th 2019**

How can you find the very best investment opportunities in real estate? What about buying notes? What are notes and how do you find them? What are the risks and the opportunities involved with buying real estate notes? Jordan Goodman talks with Scott Carson, founder and CEO of We Buy Notes, about the unique investment opportunity that note buying offers in the first half of today's show. In the second half Goodman talks with Seth Williams, real estate investor and guru, about his experience with real estate investing and his top tips to help investors be successful. Williams, found of RETipster, talks with Goodman about the adaptability of real estate investing to fit the needs of each unique investor, how to identify and pursue the right things and how to prioritize your goals to find success.


Bio #1 - Scott Carson is the owner and managing member of WeCloseNotes.com, a Austin based, defaulted note buying company. Scott's company specializes in finding non performing notes on residential and commercial properties and purchasing these notes for their own portfolio. Scott teaches 'Note Buying For Dummies', a 3 day workshop for investors on buying defaulted notes. Scott was the previous Sr. Real Estate Coach for RealEstateProfitCoach.com and a Mortgage Banker and Vice President with JPMorgan Chase.

Bio #2 - Seth Williams is a land investor and residential landlord, with nearly a decade of experience in the commercial real estate banking industry. He is also the Founder of REtipster.com - a real estate investing blog that offers real-world guidance for real estate investors.


Carson's eBook - http://noteblueprint.com/freebook

Williams' eBook - https://is.gd/Ao84w6



Scott Carson - https://weclosenotes.com/

Seth Williams - https://retipster.com/



Can Saving Money Really Lead to Wealth and Early Retirement?

Can you truly save enough to become wealthy? What about early retirement? What is the relationship between money and time? Which is better for happiness - money or time? What is money? How much money do you need for the rest of your life and how do you get that? What is the new retirement goal and how does it differ from what we were led to expect? Jordan Goodman, host of The Money Answers Show, talks with Grant Sabatier. Sabatier, author of 'Financial Freedom' and host of Millennial Money, shares his experiences and insights about saving 1 million dollars by age 30, his new book, and his insights into building financial freedom. Sabatier and Goodman discuss different kinds of investments, the importance of side hustles, financial independence and a new vision for retirement.

URL - https://millennialmoney.com



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