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Money Answers Show
High Yields from Asset-Backed Investments with Michael Weisz

Guest: Michael Weisz

Description: Familiar with alternative investments? Curious about the relationship between risk and yield? Ready to diversify your holdings and move out of traditional markets? Wondering how to tell when and alternative investment is well structured? Michael Weisz, President and Co-Founder of Yield Street, a technology platform connecting accredited investors and deserving borrowers, talks with Host Jordan Goodman about the growing field of alternative investing, the new asset class of Marine Finance, how alternatives perform during economic downturns, how Yield Street works to mitigate risk and much more.

Guest Bio:  Michael is responsible for YieldStreet’s investment strategy, Originator network and investor acquisition. Michael has held a variety of positions across the specialty finance spectrum including leadership positions with Soli Capital and American Medical Concierge.

Previously, Michael was Vice President at a New York-based credit opportunities hedge fund with $1.2 billion under management. Michael and his team specialized in asset-based loan transactions between $5 million and $25 million with a niche in the legal finance markets. During his career, he has managed over $600 million in transactions across multiple asset classes including Real Estate, Marine Finance and Commercial and Consumer Loans.

URL:  https://www.yieldstreet.com/

Crippling Consumer Debt and A Way Out of Misery with Martin Lynch

Guest: Martin Lynch

Description: Consumer debt - debt caused by purchasing or paying for things - is the cause of tremendous hardship! Once overwhelmed by debt, what choice do consumers really have? Does consumer debt doom people to running from debt collectors, paying higher interest and losing job opportunities due to bad credit scores? And what affect will rising interest rates have on an already stretched-to-the-limits consumer debt scenario? Host Jordan Goodman talks with consumer debt expert Martin Lynch about the vast and growing problem of consumer debt, looking at the big national picture and at tangible, realistic things consumers can do to get their debt under control. 

Guest Bio:  Martin Lynch is the Director of Education and Compliance Manager at Cambridge Credit Counseling, a Massachusetts non-profit agency that helps financially challenged consumers regain control of their circumstances.  As Director of Education, he is also responsible for the certification and continuing education of Cambridge’s staff, and for providing more than 400 financial literacy seminars for members of Cambridge’s local community. Mr. Lynch is also a founding member and sits on the Board of Directors of the Financial Counseling Association of America. Cambridge offers credit and debt management services, foreclosure avoidance, first-time homebuyer and reverse mortgage counseling, as well as both forms of counseling required for bankruptcy filers. The agency’s  various  services are approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Executive Office for U.S. Trustees, and the Massachusetts Office of Elder Affairs. In addition to maintaining those certifications, Mr. Lynch also helps secure the licenses that Cambridge needs to deliver its services nationwide.  

URL:  https://www.cambridge-credit.org/index.html

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While “Making Ends Meet” is still fresh in mind, I would like to thank you, profusely, for rendering such a valuable service to Dartmouth students last evening.
- Skip Sturman, Director, Career Services, Dartmouth College
Thank you for taking time to host the Personal Financial Seminar on Thursday at our office. Everyone in attendance went away with information that will enable them to provide better financial security for their future.
- Diane Saign, Director of Office Management, Team One Advertising