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Money Answers Show
Bitcoin with Taylor Letterman, About Success with Geary Bush

Guest: Taylor Letterman
Guest: Geary Bush

Description: What are the biggest hurdles for the bitcoin market? What is the current state for cryptocurrency and how has that changed over the last year? What should new investors be aware of when approaching the crypto marketplace? Host Jordan Goodman interviews blockchain investment analyst and trader Taylor Letterman in the first half of the show to learn more about Letterman's approach to the crypto market and explore his take on how to invest. The second half of the show is devoted to talking with author Geary Bush about his two books written under the pseudonym Walter Edward Carver; 'All The Talent In The World' and 'All The Talent In The World 2'. Bush shares his belief in education as the differentiator between true success, including financial success, and success that evaporates. 

Bio, Letterman: Taylor first bought Bitcoin in 2016 and was instantly hooked after his investment doubled in value in just a couple months. After studying cryptocurrency for over 2 years, Taylor has become an in-house expert on everything crypto related. With a web development background, he has a strong understanding of blockchain tech and the platforms built upon it. Taylor believes in the future of Blockchain technology and the implications it holds, especially within financial markets. His penchant for finding the right information buried within the buzz makes Taylor a key resource in identifying which digital assets should be traded and which ones we should avoid.

Bio, Bush: Writing under the pseudonym Walter Edward Carver,  Geary Bush is author of All The Talent In The World and All The Talent In The World 2 as well as Stock Trading For The Innocent. Bush wrote the Talent books after forming friendships with ex-professional NBA players and learning firsthand of the financial aftermath many experience post-career. The Talent novels are based on family values, individual responsibility, and above all education. When not writing, Bush can be found painting, reading or enjoying life with his wife. Originally from the Midwest, Bush resides in Glendale, Arizona

URL, Letterman: https://www.simplertrading.com
URL, Bush: http://allthetalentintheworld.com/

Gold, Cryptocurrency, And Investing With Lior Gantz

Guest: Lior Gantz

Description: Do your investments reflect the changing world environment? What do the rapid changes mean to both investors and investments? How do you evaluate where to invest, when to invest and why? What are the signs that let you know it's time to respond?  Host Jordan Goodman talks with Lior Gantz about cryptocurrency, gold, the bull market, China, outsourcing, and making personal incomes work for you. 

Guest Bio: Lior has been nicknamed “Globeionaire” by millionaire entrepreneurs, investors, and businessmen who have seen him in action - he has a global approach to life and business, and that’s where the name originates from. Over the past 16 years, Lior has built, run, and managed various ventures across 2 continents. Lior is the founder of Wealth Research Group,  a newsletter focusing on Investment Principles, Stocks, Gold & Passive Income. Lior provides a glimpse into his inner thoughts and work processes so members can grow and expand their financial expertise. Lior’s background is a blend of dividend investing, specialized high-yield companies for retirement, and the inner circle of venture capital.  Readers and members can anticipate Lior’s meticulous and unceasing pursuit of in-depth knowledge and ambition of living a wealthier, more balanced life, inspiring you to act and pursue your financial goals.

URL: http://www.wealthresearchgroup.com/

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