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On this episode of Money Answers TV, Jordan Goodman talks with Oleg Eydelman of Life Insurance Settlements, a life insurance settlement broker agency.


  • Selling unwanted or no longer needed life insurance policies can yield significant cash

    • ALL types of life insurance can be sold, even term

    • True value of policy is often much different than what the insurance company would like you to believe

  • Many life insurance policies become unnecessary over time

    • Families - kids grow up, become independent, finish college, get married

    • Business - owners retire, business is sold or closed

    • Estates - estate size changes, needs change

    • Estate tax planning - tax laws change

  • Determining Factors for Valuation of Your Life Insurance

    • Age of the insured

      • Can be mid-60’s or younger with severe health conditions

    • Insured’s health and health issues

    • Cost to maintain policy going forward

  • What’s involved in order to sell your Life Insurance Policy?

    • Owner fills out an app

    • Medical records are ordered

    • Bidding process begun

    • 3-4 month average turnaround


For more information you can reach  Life Insurance Settlements by 877-485-6681, or by visiting their website, www.fundinglife.com.

As a personal finance expert, Jordan recognizes quality solutions, forming affiliate relationships to help improve people's financial lives.

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