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Are you monitoring your credit report? Want to improve your credit score? Are you absolutely sure that there are no errors on your credit report waiting to cause you problems or already costing you money? Did you know that more than 20% of all consumer credit reports are estimated to contain ‘material errors’, errors that could make you look riskier than you are and cost you money?*

Host Jordan Goodman talks with Paul Oster, President of Better Qualified in this episode of Money Answers TV. Goodman and Oster discuss the scope of the credit report error problem, why and how credit problems can occur, and what people can do to get errors off of their personal credit reports.

  • ●  Vast majority of Better Qualified’s clients have at least one false, inaccurate or unverifiable item

  • ●  Big ticket errors, like judgements or tax liens, can cause credit ratings to drop 100 points or more

  • ●  Civil judgements and tax liens are the most misreported items found on credit reports

  • ●  Only your FICO score shows accurate information from the three main credit reporting


  • ●  Credit reporting agencies are not responsible to ensure accuracy - consumers are

  • ●  Legitimate credit repair companies, like Better Qualified, can help cut through the

    confusion to help consumers get the best outcome when addressing credit report issues

  • ●  Quality credit repair process takes an average 6 months

    For more information, go towww.TourDeCredit.comor call 732-413-8627 to begin your free credit analysis and consultation.

    As a personal finance expert, Jordan recognizes quality solutions, forming affiliate relationships to help improve people's financial lives. 

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Jordan Goodman talks with Bill Westrom, CEO of Truth in Equity, about ways to pay your mortgage off years faster than expected using the strategy of mortgage equity optimization on this episode of Money Answers TV. ● Conventional banking and borrowing system works best for banks but not for consumers. ○ Banks make money off of your assets ● Mortgage equity optimization uses your assets like a bank would ○ Your money works for you 24/7 ○ Mortgage equity optimization means you can pay off your loan much faster ○ Leverage the equity you have in your house through a HELOC ○ On average, most people pay off their 30 yr mortgages in 5-7 years ○ Save anywhere from an average $75,000 to $150,000 in mortgage interest ● What financial criteria does someone need? ○ Credit score needs to be 680 or higher ○ Positive cash flow is critical ○ Financial discipline and responsibility ● How does paying your mortgage faster help you prepare for other major expenses like cars or tuition? ○ You accumulate equity in your home when you pay down your mortgage ○ Equity is accessible to use through your HELOC ● Will the program work for me? ○ Complimentary ‘stress test’ will help show whether program is a good fit ■ You’ll see how program will work over the duration of payoff ○ Truth in Equity only accepts people who meet criteria ● Why isn’t this program better known? ○ Not mainstream, not advertised by banks or mortgage companies ○ Tens of thousands of homeowners have successfully used mortgage equity optimization ● What services does Truth in Equity offer to help people implement program? ○ Implementation and execution specialists in mortgage equity optimization ○ Help consumers get the right line of credit ○ Implement program with optimal safety and efficiency throughout program For more information, visit Truth In Equity.com. Complete the personal profile (basic budget numbers: income, expenses, cash flow). If your profile shows the program could be a good fit, one of our specialists will contact you to arrange an online or phone meeting. As a personal finance expert Jordan recognizes quality solutions, forming affiliate relationships to help improve people's financial lives.

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On this episode of Money Answers TV, Jordan Goodman talks with Oleg Eydelman of Life Insurance Settlements, a life insurance settlement broker agency.


  • Selling unwanted or no longer needed life insurance policies can yield significant cash

    • ALL types of life insurance can be sold, even term

    • True value of policy is often much different than what the insurance company would like you to believe

  • Many life insurance policies become unnecessary over time

    • Families - kids grow up, become independent, finish college, get married

    • Business - owners retire, business is sold or closed

    • Estates - estate size changes, needs change

    • Estate tax planning - tax laws change

  • Determining Factors for Valuation of Your Life Insurance

    • Age of the insured

      • Can be mid-60’s or younger with severe health conditions

    • Insured’s health and health issues

    • Cost to maintain policy going forward

  • What’s involved in order to sell your Life Insurance Policy?

    • Owner fills out an app

    • Medical records are ordered

    • Bidding process begun

    • 3-4 month average turnaround


For more information you can reach  Life Insurance Settlements by 877-485-6681, or by visiting their website, www.fundinglife.com.

As a personal finance expert, Jordan recognizes quality solutions, forming affiliate relationships to help improve people's financial lives.

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«We are again so pleased with the presentation that you made to the teacher educators for personal finance on the evening of November 5 in Kansas City, Missouri. The reviews from the 64 teacher educators were outstanding. »
- John Clow, Director Financial Fitness for Life Project, The Campaign for Economic Literacy
«I just want to thank you one more time for the two seminars you gave to the employees of Lowe & Partners/SMS. I think we reached almost 100 employees (out of 350) which is absolutely astonishing for this group, and indicates the need for this kind of education.»
- Ann Robins, Lowe & Partners/SMS