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Guest:  Lee Caraher
Episode Description: Why would any business pass on a key competitive advantage that’s relatively easy to implement? Could it be that businesses might not really understand what their greatest assets are or how those assets contribute to true competitive advantages? What if employees were the greatest advantage? 

Lee Caraher, author of ‘The Boomerang Principle: Inspire Lifetime Loyalty From Your Employees’,  is an expert at building positive, high performing work teams and business cultures. Caraher has interviewed over 100 business leaders to identify actionable insights and pragmatic strategies to help businesses maximize their employee relationships. Lee discusses how encouraging former employees to return enabled her business, Double Forte, to reach new milestones and why other businesses would benefit.

Guest Bio: Lee Caraher is the CEO of Double Forte PR & Digital Marketing; an acclaimed communication strategist, she’s known for her practical solutions to big problems. Her company works with some of the top consumer and technology brands in the country. Lee’s the author of Millennials & Management based on her experience with failing and then succeeding at retaining Millennials. Her next book, The Boomerang Principle will be published in April 2017.
Lee has a reputation for building cohesive, high producing teams who have fun together at the same time. She is a straight talker who doesn't hold too many punches, although she does her best to be pleasant about it. Her big laugh and sense of humor have gotten her out of a lot of trouble.
Lee is active in the community and currently serves on three nonprofit boards. A graduate of Carleton College with a degree in Medieval History, which she finds useful every day, Lee lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, two sons, and a blind cat.

URL: www.leecaraher.com

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«We are again so pleased with the presentation that you made to the teacher educators for personal finance on the evening of November 5 in Kansas City, Missouri. The reviews from the 64 teacher educators were outstanding. »
- John Clow, Director Financial Fitness for Life Project, The Campaign for Economic Literacy
«And – thank you again for joining us at the Club! »
- Lewis O. Kerwood, National Society for Real Estate Finance