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Guest: Robert Genetski

Description: Robert Genetski, one of the biggest proponents of free market economic principals, joins Host Jordan Goodman to talk about Genetski's newest book, 'Rich Nation, Poor Nation.' Genetski and Goodman discuss what led Genetski to write the book and what conclusions he reached about the underlying causes of both wealth and poverty. National fiscal policy and its relationship to economic freedom plays an incredible role in determining  any nation's ability to thrive and prosper, Genetski and Goodman talk about our country's current fiscal conditions and more in this thought provoking interview.

Guest Bio: Dr. Robert Genetski, Ph.D., has a rare combination of business and academic experience. He is a world-renowned economist, financial advisor, teacher, author and popular speaker. For over 25 years, his consulting firm, Classical Principles, has helped his clients to prepare for changes in global economic conditions. Robert has taught economics at various institutions including New York University and the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. He is one of the nation’s leading advocates of free market classical principles

URL: www.ClassicalPrinciples.com

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«On behalf of the Water Systems Council I would like to thank you for speaking at our Spring Meeting in Washington, DC on March 3rd. Your presentation was very well received by our members. »
- Kathleen M. Stanley, Executive Director/Water Systems Council
«Just a quick note to again thank you for a most interesting and informative presentation this morning. »
- Rob Luckie, III Tuker, Wayne/Luckie&Company