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The Garage Sale Millionaire
Apr 18, 2016

When ten-year old Aaron LaPedis asked his Dad for new toys, he got a lesson in capital formation. Sell your old ones and reinvest the profit , his Dad said. So they had a garage sale with Aaron in charge. Receipts for the weekend were about $2000. With that starting capital, Aaron became a "treasure hunting entrepreneur." (Investors hedging high inflation by buying physical assets that appreciate with time, use the term collectibles.} By his late twenties, Aaron was a millionaire and nationally recognized authority. To this day, he will say that millions can be made with starting capital no higher than he had. Globalization and technology have greatly expanded opportunities but also multiplied the scams, pitfalls and general risks of collecting. His latest book, The Garage Sale Millionaire, written with fellow collector, Jeffrey D. Kern, is a remarkably comprehensive and readable guide to what you have to know, whether you're planning a garage sale or a mega deal with eBay.

«I wanted to thank you for the honest, truthful, independent information you provided to GM’s employees who are facing difficult decisions regarding their futures. »
- Katie McBridge, Staff Director, General Motors
«Thank you so much for speaking at the Twenty-First Annual Rocky Mountain Investor Fair in Denver. »
- Carolyn Dickey, Investor Fair Chairperson, NAIC (National Association of Investors Corporation), Denver Chapter