NPR: In The Midst Of A Downturn, Some In Oil Industry Are Prepping For A Bounce

The plunging price of crude oil is good for motorists but bad for those in the industry. And nowhere is that pain more acute than in West Texas, where many are hunkered down with an eye on the future.

Getting Business Credit and Loans on The Credit Financing Show

Jordan Goodman discusses Getting Business Credit and Loans with Ty Crandall of The Business Credit and Financing Show.

The Changing Risks of Retirement on Stacking Benjamins

Joe Saul-Sehy is the host of Stacking Benjamins discusses the changing risks of retirement with Jordan Goodman.

Audibility – Visibility – Credibility, with Jordan Goodman on Onward Nation with Stephen Woessner

Audibility – Visibility – Credibility, with Jordan Goodman on Onward Nation with Stephen Woessner

The Coming Trump Crash?

March 22, 2016: Jordan Goodman was interviewed on The Financial Survival Network by Kerry Lutz. Goodman shared his views on the effects ot a possible Trump presidency on the financial markets. Jordan believes that a crash will result due to the increase in the deficit, increased social unrest and the inevitable trade war that will happen. 

Get Your Money Questions Answered with Jordan Goodman on Real Wealth Network

Jordan Goodman was Interviewed by Kathy Fettke, President of The Real Wealth Network.

On this show, find out:

1. How to pay your mortgage off in 5-7 years instead of 15-30 years on your existing level of income using mortgage equity optimization strategies


2. How to use your commercial mortgage bridge loans as a way to earn safe high yields



On February 22, 2016 The Financial Survival Network hosted Jordan Goodman to encourage some of his great money answers. In an interview with Kerry Lutz, Jordan provided insight about the global stage of economy. He discusses projections of the future for not only America, but the global market, seeing as debt is going to play a big factor in the integrity of our economy. It appears that issues arising from debt are going to lead to major bankruptcies for some major corporations looking to refinance and get back on their feet again. Global inflation is quickly becoming an issue that demands attention. Goodman predicts negative interest rates and the oil market are going to also play as major factors to the good of our economy. Although oil companies have let go of tens of thousands of workers in the past year, it appears as the trend will continue in this year. Jordan offered his insight and predictions for our economy's own financial survival.

Good Decisions in Bad Times on The Disciplined Investor

February 14, 2016: Jordan Goodman is interviewed by Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor Podcast to explore some interesting aspects of our decisions when it comes to investing. Jordan provides some insight into bridge financing with a fat yield as well as markets and his outlook.

Understanding Student Loans with Jordan Goodman on Taming The High Cost of College

Student loans and financial aid are critical to pay for college. In this episode, America's Money Answers Man, Jordan Goodman, explains if you should take loans in a student's name, parent's name, or from grandparents. If you want a high quality education, but don't want to get into big debt, Goodman has the answers for you. 

«On behalf of the Water Systems Council I would like to thank you for speaking at our Spring Meeting in Washington, DC on March 3rd. Your presentation was very well received by our members. »
- Kathleen M. Stanley, Executive Director/Water Systems Council
«Thank you so much for speaking at the Twenty-First Annual Rocky Mountain Investor Fair in Denver. »
- Carolyn Dickey, Investor Fair Chairperson, NAIC (National Association of Investors Corporation), Denver Chapter