Jordan on Freedom Formula for Physicians

Jordan and host Dave Denniston talk about Trump's proposed tax plan, financial skills and managements for medical professionals, best practices for managing student loans, and more.


Jordan on Reclaim Your Freedom with Shirley Dalton

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be better at managing money? Jordon Goodman talks with host Shirley Dalton, revealing the 6 Money types and how our emotions and type dictate the decisions we make. Learn what your type is and how best to use it. You’ll also learn strategies to earn 6% to 10% on non-risky investments as well as how to manage your holiday spending.



Jordan on Action Now CFO

Jordan Goodman joins host Greg LeVine to talk about how he got started in personal finances, his experience at Money Magazine, the role of debt in small business management and why small business owners really need to pay attention to the Dunn and Bradstreet credit rating.


The Spotlight with Tony DUrso

Jordan Goodman joins host Tony DUrso and special co-host Maura Sweeney to talk about how leveraging business relationships and financial resources can help multiply results for business owners, why merchant cash advances are to be avoided, how to access quality alternative business financing and other helpful information and resources for businesses.

Jordan Goodman on Easy Money New England W. Brian D'Amico

Jordan appears on Easy Money New England with host Brian D’Amico to talk about investing options, paying off your mortgage using a mortgage equity optimization system, mortgage savings for heroes, mortgage verification and more.


Jordan on SmallBiz America

Jordan talks with host David Wolfe on Small Biz America about getting loans and the challenges that small business have in securing loans. Goodman focuses on lending sources that have adequate cash flow but perhaps don't meet traditional bank requirements. Jordan advises against using merchant cash advances.

Jordan Goodman on Business Insanity Radio with Barry J Moltz

Jordan appears on Business Insanity Radio to discuss how to get your small business unstuck and moving in the right direction.

Jordan Goodman on The Art of Living and Science of Life with Danielle Lin

Jordan stops by The Art of Living and Science show to discuss smart money tips to prepare for life.

Jordan Goodman on Your Money Your Wealth Show

Jordan Goodman talks with Al Clopine and Joe Anderson about reducing student loan debt, reducing car loan debt, and how to pay off your mortgage faster without increasing payment size or frequency.

Jordan Godman on The Personal Profability Show

In this episode, Jordan talks with Eric Rosenberg about paying your mortgage off early, investing, and a lot more.

«Thank you for speaking at our Winter Retreat on December 12th. Your presentation on personal finance was very well received by our members. »
- Ken Murphy, Director Training and Director Training and Recruiting - Cory Ludens/Management Development Coordinator - Mattress Firm
«I just want to thank you one more time for the two seminars you gave to the employees of Lowe & Partners/SMS. I think we reached almost 100 employees (out of 350) which is absolutely astonishing for this group, and indicates the need for this kind of education.»
- Ann Robins, Lowe & Partners/SMS