So much of life and business involves relationships, and we all know businesses that fail because of relational issues. Jordan’s failure story has so much wisdom that we can all apply in our daily life. Though our personal relational situations vary, the principals of maintaining healthy relationships stay the same. Jordan shares many of these principals in this episode.

The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless

Attention landlords, homeowners, and anyone else who has a Mortgage… Check the numbers! Banks consistently trade notes and sometimes adjustable and nonadjustable mortgages are not serviced correctly and you are owed thousands of dollars. Jordan Goodman shares how you can check and get your money if money is owed.

Planet Boomerville with Jim Enright

Understanding the why of past financial decisions will help you make better future decisions. Baby boomers, how are you doing in your finances right now? Are you happy where you are, sad, or wondering what happened? Author Jordan Goodman, America’s Money Answers Man, explains the six money types, the influences that created this money type, and most importantly, how to understand and what to do next.

The Not Old Better Show

Jordan Goodman drops by The Not Old Better Show with Paul Vogelzang to discuss investments, real estate, terrorism and health insurance under a Trump administration.

Communicating Personal Finance Effectively

Jordan Goodman's appearance on Speaking with TJ Walker.

Business Owners Radio

Jordan Goodman's appearance on Business Owners Radio.

Goodman on ConsumerMan Show on KOMO Radio

Jordan is interviewed by Herb Weisbaum of the ConsumerMan show on KOMO in Seattle where they discuss student loan debts.

NPR: In The Midst Of A Downturn, Some In Oil Industry Are Prepping For A Bounce

The plunging price of crude oil is good for motorists but bad for those in the industry. And nowhere is that pain more acute than in West Texas, where many are hunkered down with an eye on the future.

Getting Business Credit and Loans on The Credit Financing Show

Jordan Goodman discusses Getting Business Credit and Loans with Ty Crandall of The Business Credit and Financing Show.

The Changing Risks of Retirement on Stacking Benjamins

Joe Saul-Sehy is the host of Stacking Benjamins discusses the changing risks of retirement with Jordan Goodman.

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- Brian Taylor, VP/General Manager - Salem Media of Colorado
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- Lewis O. Kerwood, National Society for Real Estate Finance