Jordan on SmallBiz America

Jordan talks with host David Wolfe on Small Biz America about getting loans and the challenges that small business have in securing loans. Goodman focuses on lending sources that have adequate cash flow but perhaps don't meet traditional bank requirements. Jordan advises against using merchant cash advances.

Jordan Goodman on Your Money Your Wealth Show

Jordan Goodman talks with Al Clopine and Joe Anderson about reducing student loan debt, reducing car loan debt, and how to pay off your mortgage faster without increasing payment size or frequency.

Jordan Goodman on The Art of Living and Science of Life with Danielle Lin

Jordan stops by The Art of Living and Science show to discuss smart money tips to prepare for life.

Jordan Goodman on Business Insanity Radio with Barry J Moltz

Jordan appears on Business Insanity Radio to discuss how to get your small business unstuck and moving in the right direction.

Jordan Goodman on The Nancy Gaines Show

Hear why you shouldn’t co-mingle your personal finances with your business finances and other great tips on my podcast with Jordan Goodman. Plus, get tips on companies that provide lots of financial services to small business owners.

Jordan Godman on The Personal Profability Show

In this episode, Jordan talks with Eric Rosenberg about paying your mortgage off early, investing, and a lot more.

Jordan Goodman's Appearance On Dreamers Podcast

Jordan Goodman joins Joe Pardo to talk about how each of them began their careers and how they found their passion and focus. Jordan's advice is to use audibility and visibility to build credibility to lead to other things and develop a name for themselves.  Jordan's career at Money Magazine for 18 years and during that time wrote several books, gave speaches, and was a regular on network news and national radio. Jordan knew it was time to go off on his own when he was working for the magazine instead of the magazine working for him. Does your current position add value to your life? if not, perhaps it's time to pursue a new career trajectory. Joe and Jordan chat about world politics and more. 

The Rising Entrepreneur: Discovering Hidden Money Answers with Jordan Goodman

The Rising Entrepreneur podcast captures the minds of the most interesting, inspirational, and motivational young guns in business today. 

#1) Leveraging of your business and financial relationships to achieve far more than you ever could on your own. 
#2) How to refinance student loan debt to a much lower rate such as 2-3% to pay it off faster which can be an enormous burden on entrepreneurs. 
#3) What to do if you are piled under business debts and need to get out from under them: "I will talk about the strategy of prioritization where some debts are prioritized over others and so you pay the most important ones first to stave off creditors." 
#4) How to keep your personal and business credit ratings separate, clean and accurate by getting errors off both of them. 

The Success Journal: How To RELAX Into Wealth & Mastering Your Personal Money Mindset

 Jordan Goodman, author of Master Your Money Type explains the funny money mind games we all play.

JLDC 0122: w. John Lagoudakis

Topics discussed during this podcast episode include; How to pay off your home loan in just 7 years! How to earn safe 12%-29% returns with tax liens Passive income business ideas And much more!

«On behalf of all of us at Organon, I want to thank you for participating in the Experts in Reproductive Medicine Meeting.»
- Cathy R. Termini, R.PH Organon Inc.
«Thank you so much for speaking at the Twenty-First Annual Rocky Mountain Investor Fair in Denver. »
- Carolyn Dickey, Investor Fair Chairperson, NAIC (National Association of Investors Corporation), Denver Chapter