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Jordan Goodman discusses how index strategies such as Index Universal Life and Index Universal Annuities work with Ted Leutz and Lynette Robbins of Knowles System. Index Strategies allow you to grow your cash value inside an insurance vehicle in a tax-free environment in which you profit when stock prices rise and do not lose any gains when stock prices fall. These strategies also allow you to withdraw money from the policy tax-free, provide living benefits to pay for long term health care costs, and provide a significant death benefit. To find out more about how these strategies might work for you, contact Knowles System.  
Resource: Knowles System
Phone: 888-518-3113 ext 2

Long-Term Health Care Insurance

Jordan Goodman explains how to get the best deal on long-term health care insurance which helps you cover the costs of taking care of you when you cannot take care of yourself.

Resource: Longevity Alliance
Website: www.searchltc.com
Tel: 800-335-4166

Help with Buying or Leasing a New Car

Jordan Goodman explains how to use a car buying service to help you get the best possible deal when buying or leasing a new car.

Resource: CarQ
Website:  www.carq.com
Tel: 800-517-2277

Medical Repricing

Jordan Goodman explains how to save hundreds of dollars monthly on health insurance premiums by signing up for high deductible, low premium policies that reprice your everyday medical expenses significantly.

Resouce: Medical Repricing
Website:  www.medicalrepricing.com
Phone:  888-589-3000

Dental Discount Program

Jordan Goodman explains the benefits of enrolling in a dental discount plan where thousands of dentists agree to charge lower fees on all dental work to participating patients. 

Resource: My Dental Savings

Website: www.mydentalsavings.com

Phone:  844-851-9294

Helping You Start Your Business Right

Jordan Goodman explains how to start your business the right way.

Resource:  Nevada Corporate Planners
Website:    www.buinsessanswerstoday.com
Phone:      877-627-5555

Selling Your Life Insurance

Jordan Goodman explains how you can use your life insurance policy to generate additional income.

Resource: Life Settlements Inc.
Website:  www.fundinglife.com
Phone:    877-485-6681

«Thank you for speaking at our Winter Retreat on December 12th. Your presentation on personal finance was very well received by our members. »
- Ken Murphy, Director Training and Director Training and Recruiting - Cory Ludens/Management Development Coordinator - Mattress Firm
«I wanted to thank you for the honest, truthful, independent information you provided to GM’s employees who are facing difficult decisions regarding their futures. »
- Katie McBridge, Staff Director, General Motors