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Welcome to Investing Resources at moneyanswers.com.  Here you will receive Jordan's best advice and resources on investing, including advice about investing in stocks, precious metals, tax free investments, as well as getting a financial planner.  If you can't find the answers you seek to your investing questions here, please send Jordan your question by going to the contact page.


Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loans allow you, the lender, to earn a 6% annual yield in monthly checks and then receive your principal back at the end of one year. Your loan is secured by a first lien on a specific commercial property such as an apartment building or medical center. Watch this video to understand how Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loans work in more detail.  To find out more and sign up for a mortgage bridge loan, contact Knowles Systems. 


Resource: Knowles Systems
Website: www.knowlessystem.com
Phone: 888-518-3113


Jordan Goodman discusses how index strategies such as Index Universal Life and Index Universal Annuities work with Ted Leutz and Lynette Robbins of Knowles System. Index Strategies allow you to grow your cash value inside an insurance vehicle in a tax-free environment in which you profit when stock prices rise and do not lose any gains when stock prices fall. These strategies also allow you to withdraw money from the policy tax-free, provide living benefits to pay for long term health care costs, and provide a significant death benefit. To find out more about how these strategies might work for you, contact Knowles System.  
Resource: Knowles System
Phone: 888-518-3113 ext 2

How to Buy Precious Metals

Jordan Goodman explains the best way to buy precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium at the lowest markup from competing precious metals dealers.

Resource: Hard Assets Alliance
Website:  http://www.hardassetsalliance.com


Finding a Financial Planner

Jordan Goodman helps you find a qualified financial planner to reach your financial objectives.

Resource:  Caring Financial Services
Website: www.caringfinancialservices.com
Phone: 201-836-1899

How to Grow Your Money Conservatively

Jordan Goodman explains how to grow your money conservatively using indepth insurance strategies where your money grows tax-free.

Resource:  Knowles Systems
Website:    www.knowlessystems.com
Phone:      888-518-3113

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