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Welcome to Debt and Credit Resources

Welcome to Debt and Credit Resources at moneyanswers.com.  One of the most trying times of people's lives is when they are faced with debt that they cannot manage or having insufficient credit to buy the things they need.  Jordan lays out a lot of great resources in this section to help you find the relief you need to get back on track.  If you can't find the answers you seek to your debt & credit questions here, please send Jordan your question by going to the contact page and sending a detailed question.

Enhancing Your Credit Score - Riverwalk Credit Solutions

America's Money Answers Man Jordan Goodman talks about getting your credit back to where it should be by monitoring and managing negative items that may be unjustly counting against you on your credit report.  He recommends a company called Riverwalk Credit Solutions to help you correct inaccurate credit items and get your score as high as possible.

Resource: Riverwalk Credit Solutions
Website: www.creditanswersnow.com
Tel: 877-557-1676

How do I consolidate unsecured debt?

Jordan Goodman explains how to consolidate numerous credit cards and other unsecured debt into one payment at a lower interest rate. This enables you to pay off your debts years sooner than would otherwise be possible using a reputable non-profit credit counseling organization.

Resource: Cambridge Credit Counseling
Website: www.cambridgecredit.org
Tel: 800-897-2200

Key to Getting Better Credit Cards

View credit card ratings and compare offers. GuideToCreditCard experts compare the best cards for any credit score; rewards, low APR, transfer, student and business cards.

Resource: Finding the Best Credit Card
Website:  www.GuideToCreditCard.com


Refinancing Your Student Loans

You may not realize that you can refinance your outstanding federal and private student loans into a new loan at a much lower rate than you are paying now. To find out what terms are available, contact Credible at 855-870-6005 or go to www.credible.com/moneyanswers. In 90 seconds, you can receive personalized quotes for interest rates from up to 7 vetted lenders without affecting your credit score or sharing any personal information with lenders. Once you have found a deal that appeals to you, you proceed with the loan application and give your personal information to apply for the loan. If you identify that you found out about Credible from MoneyAnswers.com, you can save $200 off your first loan payment. By consolidating many federal and private loans at higher interest rates into one new loan at a lower rate, you can make your life easier and pay your student loans off much faster and save thousands of dollars in needless interest expense.
Resource: Credible
Website: www.credible.com/moneyanswers
Tel: 855-870-6005

Operating Capital is The Lifeblood of Most Businesses

Corporate Lending Solutions powered by Corporate Capital Direct (CCD) has experience and history with clients that simplifies the lending process.


  • Experienced lenders effortlessly manage the process, asking the right questions to fully understand client business and cash requirements. Funding should be available within days, avoiding delays when capital needs are critical.
  • Decisions are focused less on a business owner’s credit score and more on the health of their business. CCD requires minimal documentation, usually just four months of bank statements and a short, one page application. No lengthy business plans, projections or other cumbersome documentation.


Obtaining a business loan can be challenging enough. Business lending shouldn’t be stressful. That is what you will experience in working with Corporate Lending Solutions powered by Corporate Capital Direct.


Tel: 877-290-2510

How to Settle Small Business Debt

Jordan Goodman explains how your small business can get a handle on its debts. Your business can end up paying pennies on the dollar to your creditors, allowing you to get back on your feet and thrive.

Resource:  Corporate Turnaround
Website:  www.helpwithpayables.com
Phone:  877-377-3669

Tax Resolution Advice

Jordan Goodman gives pointed advice about resolving tax debt and recommends Kutler Tax Resolutions to help delinquent taxpayers get back on track with government agencies, often settling debt for pennies on the dollar.


Resource: Kutler Tax Resolutions
Website: www.irsandstatetaxhelp.com
Tel: 866-860-3838

Reducing Your Debts by Settlements

Jordan Goodman discusses how to settle your total debt obligations for pennies on the dollar by using a credible debt settlement  service.

Resource: Justus Debt

Website:  www.justusdebt.com

Phone:  877-244-0612

Fixing Student Loan Overcharges

You should be concerned about the accuracy of your bank’s calculations for your student loan payments. A student loan audit will determine if you are being overcharged and if you are, help you get a receive a refund.   The audit will verify the accuracy of your lender’s calculation of interest charges, monthly payments and loan balances. Reports find that overcharges of interest and payment calculations occur in up to 40% of student loans.  The Student Loan Exact™ audit verifies the accuracy of lender calculations and will uncover any overcharges or other miscalculations for all types of student loans. Student loans can be especially complicated due to numerous factors such as missed payments, late payments, deferment or forbearance or other criteria which can result in miscalculations.  You will receive a personalized, comprehensive audit report which tell you if there are any mistakes or overcharges by the lender. 

Learn about student loan audits at www.verifymystudentloan.com
or by calling 800-888-6781

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