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The Ultimate Guide to Student Loans - Paperback

The Ultimate Guide to Student Loans - Paperback

With the cost of college rising and governmental/private funding declining, it is no wonder that most Americans are concerned about their ability to finance a post-secondary education. Tuition prices are rising at Community Colleges, State Schools, Private and Technical colleges, leaving most Americans wondering how they are going to afford to pay for their education. This book educates parents, grandparents, young adults and students of all ages how to optimize the educational payment process.

The Ultimate Guide To Student Loans is the collaboration of two financial experts who guide you through the confusing maze of investing for education and the student loan world from beginning to end. Jordan Goodman, America’s Money Answers Man, personal finance expert and frequent guest on radio and TV shows, and Bruce Mesnekoff, CEO of The Student Loan Help Center, student loan management and consolidation expert, share their knowledge and simplify the complicated process and maze of government and private rules and regulations about student loans. They also guide you through all of your investment choices to finance college education. This book helps you understand student loans by explaining:

  • ways to invest so that you can avoid taking on student loans in the first place
  • the optimum ways to get the best student loans 
  • paying off your loans as quickly as possible

The book provides extensive information and resources to help you no matter where you are in the student loan financing process. These resources include contact information and descriptions for:

  • federal regulatory organizations
  • educational associations
  • websites
  • loan repayment programs

The book also offers an appendix with abbreviations, acronyms and a glossary of student loan related terms.

Use this book to improve your entire educational financing experience!

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